Carbon dioxide exceeds critical fluid extraction to summarize
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<</P>   carbon dioxide is a kind of very common gas, but overmuch carbon dioxide can cause " of " greenhouse effect, because this makes full use of,carbon dioxide has important sense. Traditional carbon dioxide uses a technology basically is to be used at producing dry ice (put out a fire is used) or wait as additive agent for food. Devoting oneself to domestic and internationally to develop a kind of new-style carbon dioxide to use CO<FONT Size=1>2</FONT> of technical ─ ─ to exceed critical and extractive technology at present. Use this technology the product of producible high additional cost, can collect the material that past chemically method cannot collect, and cheap, avirulent, safe, efficient; Apply to the industry such as chemical industry, medicine, food. Carbon dioxide is in <BR>   temperature prep above is critical the condition of critical pressure Pc=7.2MPa issues prep above of temperature Tc=31.26 ℃ , pressure, property can produce change, its density is bordering on a liquid, viscosity is bordering on gas, diffusion coefficient is liquid 100 times, have breathtaking solvency consequently. Can dissolve with it a variety of material, extract among them active ingredient next, have wide applied perspective. <BR>   collects the means of significant component in material traditionally, wait like law of extraction of law of water vapour distill, decompression distill law, dissolvent, its craft purity of complex, product is not tall, and easy remain is harmful material. Exceeding critical fluid extraction is a kind of new-style detached technology, it is to use a fluid to have density when exceeding critical condition big, viscosity small, diffusion coefficient is big wait to conduct qualitative characteristic and successful development admirably. It has recovery rate purity of tall, product good, flow simple, specific power consumption is low advantage. Technology of CO<FONT Size=1>2</FONT>- SFE because temperature is low, and the system is airtight, can save pair of heat not to stabilize the volatile part that reachs easy oxidation in great quantities, for Chinese traditional medicine the extraction depart of volatile composition was offerred at present the most advanced method. With it is OK to exceed take as one's model of a gathering of things or people of critical CO<FONT Size=1>2</FONT> from a lot of extraction in cultivating substance its active ingredient, and extraction does not come out methods of these composition past chemically. This technology besides be used in the industry such as chemical industry, medicine, still can use in the respect such as nicotian, flavor, food. If food is medium, can use the caffein in purify coffee, tea, in element of the opium that can extract oil of oil of oil of garlic element, embryo, sanded thorn, vegetable and medicine to use, atropine, ginseng and ginkgo leaf, yew valuable composition. It is thus clear that this technology has wide development perspective in future. <BR><BR></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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