Of Chinese prickly ash flavor usage.
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Chinese prickly ash has the effect of balmy be sensible. The usage when flavor has:

(1 ) boiler of boil in water for a while. If fry Chinese cabbage, celery when, throw a few Chinese prickly ash, wait for scamper to come the fish out when blackening, leave oily fried dish, dish is spicy tangy.

(2) scamper Chinese prickly ash is oily. Make with oil of Chinese prickly ash, vegetable, soy " 3 with oil " , irrigate go up in dish of cold and dressed with sause, relaxed and dainty.

(3) when souse birds flesh, put aniseed, Chinese prickly ash.

(4) make salt of Chinese prickly ash dipping in to eat.

(5) right amount Chinese prickly ash is put when souse turnip silk, big mustard silk, pickles, flavour is much better.