New and high technology is abrade Chinese prickly ash
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Tian Dong) pink of Chinese prickly ash is not shown Brown and show white -- noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of this kind of small bag Chinese prickly ash that uses production of new and high technology came out in the our city a few days ago. It is reported, with traditional handiwork photograph of pink of abrade Chinese prickly ash is compared, the purity of pink of small bag Chinese prickly ash is taller, in the dosage in a dish of dish, want white of traditional Chinese prickly ash only 20% the left and right sides, and it can be very fast dissolve joins course in, can preserve taste for a long time consistent.

What pink of this kind of magical Chinese prickly ash leans is one kind cries " exceed technology of extraction of critical CO2 fluid " new and high technology. Hand in high in the 4th Chongqing last year on the meeting, any of several hot spice plants of pediment of Chongqing city all sides develops finite liability company to study from geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences science and technology developed a company to gain the partial access of this technology. It is reported, use this kind of technology to return producible salad oil the bright Chinese prickly ash of general color is oily, still have essence of life of oil of seed of Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash, last products of a series of Chinese prickly ash such as Chinese prickly ash.

It is reported, pink of small bag Chinese prickly ash already sold as far as to Europe, beautiful, East Asia and southeast Asia and other places nowadays. And profound treatment project also became the Jiang Jinhua any of several hot spice plants that builds on the technology here western enter a country exclusively " 863 (new and high technology considers to develop) plan " agricultural project.