Value of nutrition of Chinese prickly ash is analysed
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Course of foreigner understanding China begins from hemp mother-in-law bean curd. The important flavoring in hemp mother-in-law bean curd is Chinese prickly ash. It is China's peculiar flavor, consequently Chinese prickly ash has " Chinese condiment " say. Chinese prickly ash line seasoning " 13 sweet " head, for professional chef and housewife place favour, use in You Yichuan dish most extensive. No matter the dish such as cruelly oppress of duck of pickle of braise in soy sauce, pot-stewed fowl, cole, Sichuan, chicken all can use it, also but thick pulverize and salt mix divide evenly is a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt, for dipping in edible.

Smell of Chinese prickly ash is sweet, can divide all sorts of flesh kind urine smell bad smell, change mouthfeel, can promote saliva to secrete, increase appetite. Japanese medicine considers to discover, chinese prickly ash can make blood-vessel outspread, can rise to reduce the effect of blood pressure thereby. Take feed water of Chinese prickly ash can drive helminth. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, chinese prickly ash has scent be good at stomach, Wen Zhong comes loose cold, dehumidify the acetanilide, detoxify that kill insect, stop the effect of urticant solution raw meat or fish.

[Applicable crowd]
Average person all can edible.

[Applicable quantity]
Every time 3-5 gram.

Want when scamper Chinese prickly ash is oily [attention] oil is lukewarm, do not want to paper blast of Chinese prickly ash as far as possible. Chinese prickly ash is hot sex flavor, feed more use up alvine path moisture easily, cause constipation.