Pink of Chinese prickly ash is relevant knowledge
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Raw material introduction The dry and mature peel that Chinese prickly ash is rue division bush or green pepper of small arboreal plant, mature in around of the Beginning of Autumn commonly. Originate in the province such as Sichuan, Shaanxi, Henan, Heibei, Shanxi, Yunnan, the quality that produces with Sichuan is good, it is with crop of Heibei, Shanxi tall.
Chinese prickly ash is China's peculiar flavor, line seasoning " 13 sweet " head. No matter sheep of fish of duck of pickle of braise in soy sauce, pot-stewed fowl, cole, Sichuan, chicken is arrogant,wait for dish to all can use it, also but thick pulverize and salt mix divide evenly is a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt, for dipping in edible. Also but oil expression, oil yield is in 25% above.
Oil of Chinese prickly ash has grumous sweet smell, it is a kind of very good edible oil. Hemp of flavour of manufacturing Chinese prickly ash and hot, fry ripe hind fragrance just spills over. Can use alone already on cook, be like face of Chinese prickly ash; Also can make up dressing with other raw material, use is extremely extensive, the effect is very good, wait like face of the five spices, beautiful a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt, green a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt.

Nutrition is analysed 1.Smell of Chinese prickly ash is sweet, can divide all sorts of flesh kind urine smell bad smell, change mouthfeel, can promote saliva to secrete, increase appetite;
2.Medicine considers to discover, chinese prickly ash can make blood-vessel outspread, can rise to reduce the effect of blood pressure thereby;
3.Take feed water of Chinese prickly ash can drive helminth. Relevant crowd Average crowd all can edible, pregnant woman, flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability person diet. Food photograph is overcome Ketchup is unfavorable feed together with milk. Relevant crowd Make coach 1.When the fried dish, a few Chinese prickly ash are put in oil is heated up inside boiler, nigrescent hind fish out, leave oily fried dish, dish is spicy tangy;
2.Burn oil of Chinese prickly ash, vegetable, soy hot, irrigate go up in dish of cold and dressed with sause, relaxed and goluptious;
3.Souse puts Chinese prickly ash when turnip silk, flavour is superexcellent. Dietotherapy action Laborious of flavour of Chinese prickly ash, sex is hot, put in classics of lienal, stomach 's charge;
Wen Zhong comes loose cold, dehumidify is acetanilide, reduce bug relieve internal heat or fever, stop the effect of urticant solution raw meat or fish;
Main cure vomits, chill arthritis with fixed pain caused by dampness, tine is painful wait for disease.
Other and relevant Chinese prickly ash only then see carry at " The Book of Songs " . Ancient time often makes up Chinese prickly ash and wine, call any of several hot spice plants alcoholic drink. " Qi Min wants art " mention for many times use at flavorring. Bright generation Li Shizhen is in " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in point out clearly " its flavour laborious and hemp " characteristic. This hemp already formed the one big characteristic of Sichuan gust now, apply extensively for chef place.
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