Of pink of pink of Chinese prickly ash of true and false, chili discern
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Face of Chinese prickly ash is grind a kind of dressing that makes by Chinese prickly ash, show palm Brown and pulverous shape, have the aroma with peculiar Chinese prickly ash and hemp taste. The adulterate content of face of Chinese prickly ash is wheat bran skin, paddy more face of branny, corn. < differentiates face of Chinese prickly ash examination of whether adulterate usable sense organ and assay detect two kinds of methods. Former it is taste of view color, smell, taste mouthfeel; latter to make chemically method detects the color of face of adulterate Chinese prickly ash often compares foreign matter composition face of pure Chinese prickly ash is shallow, the much yellow that show native or shallow palm are Brown, agglomerate easily, the phenomenon that becomes moldy from time to tome.

Fragrance of face of pure Chinese prickly ash is full-bodied, wen Zhi is pungent, deep inspiratory can stimulate person sneeze. Although face of adulterate Chinese prickly ash also has the sweet smell of Chinese prickly ash, but sweet smell is faint, not pungent, also won't make a person sneeze.

Farther usable still the tip of the tongue is licked lick sample, experience its flavour: Kang ń visits uglying shovel to mast  bag? is not sufferred from, hemp flavour duration is longer face of; adulterate Chinese prickly ash criterion mouthfeel not hemp or small hemp, duration is brief, the strange taste that still can have adulterant sometimes and acrid.

Because the adulterant of face of Chinese prickly ash is the crust  wheat bran of commissariat, cereal more the content  such as branny, rice husk, contain certain starch, accordingly, can undertake differentiating with the iodic experiment that change potassium: Sample of  of gram of? of dredge of  joyous  puts park tube in, add  of right amount water 10 milliliter  , boil is put cool hind drop into 2 ~ 3 iodine change potassium solution, the liquid in be like test tube becomes blue or La Zi is lubricious, it is adulterate article.

The adulterate material in chili pink is end of leaf of face of pink of face of wheat bran, corn, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, sawdust, brick, dried vegetable to wait a moment more. Mix into the biggest characteristic of false chili pink is not hot not sweet, wen Zhi is not pungent, tasted not hot person.

It is not quite easy to identify adulterate chili pink, especially when adulterant is less. Besides soon, the mouth is tasted beyond, usable still hand is felt look whether fade.

Better differentiating a method is to use glass to fill go up clear water, put chili powder into the cup, because adulterate material and chili pink weight are different, the speed that sink is different, heavy the depth level into water is different also, because this can see storied phenomenon:  of  Shan dispute has suspension thing in ∥ ? water, benthic has sedimentary. And pure chili pink does not have this phenomenon, put its into water, at the beginning of chili pink when float in surface, time grows to sink at the same time a bit.
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