Chicken of authentic Chongqing hot pepper
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Authentic Chongqing hot pepper gallinaceous  
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This is the main seasoning that this dish place needs to be used, do not disrelish much, considering cost issue, dosage already halve. Do not pass an attention, this is not dish, however a deeper big bowl.
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Raw material:
Whole chicken or drumstick, chinese prickly ash and dry chili (1:4) , green, ripe sesame seed, salt, gourmet powder, cooking wine, edible oil, ginger, garlic, white sugar
1. Cut chicken small to put salt and cooking wine to mix after the blast in the oily bowl that 8 heat put after divide evenly becomes deep yellow to outside desiccate, scoop stand-by. Dry chili and green cut what grow into 3 centimeters paragraph, ginger garlic section.
2. Oil is burned to be heated up to 7 in boiler, dry chili and Chinese prickly ash are entered after frying a fragrance into ginger garlic, break up fry begin choke bazoo to odour, the chicken with scamper is entered good after oil becomes yellow piece, fry extremely gallinaceous piece distributings equably to scatter green after chili is medium paragraph, gourmet powder, white sugar, ripe sesame seed, boiler of the of people of talent that fry divide evenly can.
1. Chili and Chinese prickly ash can be added along with his taste, do not cross the reflects this course distinguishing feature for former juice raw ingredient, making good finished product had better be chili can cover chicken entirely, is not the 0 star in gallinaceous piece appear a few chili and Chinese prickly ash.
2. Fried chicken is headed for salt is spilled in chicken, must scatter sufficient, if fry chicken when add salt again, saline flavour cannot eat chicken, because the case of chicken has been worked by scamper, quality of a material is more close together, salt can adhere to only the surface in chicken, influence flavour.
3. The oil that fried chicken uses must be burned very hotly, otherwise chicken goes down for a long time outside won't scamper works, even if waited for scamper doing a long time, that is dry really, posse carrion, very insipid, do not have mouthfeel completely but character. So fire must big, outside scamper is fragile, return inside opposite tenderer.