Fry the flesh to had better put Chinese prickly ash (graph)
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Flavor add sweet beautiful to taste - Chinese prickly ash

Of any of several hot spice plants of green ginger garlic flavor action is different.

The dressing that when making food, uses is multifarious, but green, ginger, garlic, Chinese prickly ash this 4 appearance a lot of time are little not, no matter some people make what food, should put on a bit, little imagine, be aimed at different food, their flavor action also is different, boil

Chinese prickly ash suits cook carnivorous. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, it has the be good at stomach, dehumidify, effect that sees raw meat or fish, but eliminate all sorts of flesh kind urine smell bad smell, and promote saliva secrete, stomachic. The use method of the Chinese prickly ash in cook is very much, can be in souse flesh kind when join, also can be when the fried dish blast of stir-fry before stewing, make its send out a peculiar hemp fragrance, still can use oil of salt of pink of Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash to wait. Nevertheless, think on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, chinese prickly ash belongs to lukewarm sex food, the Ying Shaofang when meat of cook hotpot, dog a few.

Jiang Kuo adds up to cook fish. Fish not only fishy smell is heavy, and the gender is cold, ginger criterion sex is lukewarm, can alleviate already cold sex of the fish, can solve raw meat or fish again, add bright flavor of the fish. Generally speaking, section of appropriate of old Jiang Kuo, use at stewing, stew, burn, boil, gather up in waiting for a practice; New ginger piquancy is weak, cut into shreds aptly, can become the burden of cold dish. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, ginger belongs to lukewarm sex food, isotherm of cook hairtail, eel wants to be put less when sexual fish.

Green suits cook shellfish food. It can alleviate not only the cold sex of shellfish, still can avoid to take the hypersensitive form such as the cough after shellfish, bellyacke. Shallot suits to cook aquatic product, egg more kind with pluck, can well purify flavour of among them smelling of fish or mutton.

Garlic suits the birds flesh such as cooking chicken, duck, because of its can render palatable, can make the fragrance of birds flesh is developed more adequately. In addition, the antiseptic, alexipharmic action of garlic can remove certain inhibition to the bacterium in birds flesh or virus the effect. Nevertheless, unripe garlic is antiseptic effect is bigger, can do in food ripe hind garlic mincing put in. (In south science and education of nutrition of university Hunan elegant hospital awards Li Huiming)

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