Patent of dryer of Chinese prickly ash introduces
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Dryer of Chinese prickly ash files order / patent date: 200520078673 dryer of a kind of Chinese prickly ash, its airframe (1 ) two side are drying chamber (3) , heat up to add among room (4) , increase hot cell (4) the two side that carry up and down pass air door (7) with drying chamber (3) be well versed in, increase hot cell (4) by firebox (5) , heat exchanger (6) reach fan (2) composition, and firebox (5) be located in bottom, fan (2) be located in firebox (5) upper part, heat exchanger (6) be located in firebox (5) with fan (2) between. This practical and new-style make fuel heat with coal or Chai He, use fan to send drying chamber sirocco, conduct quantity of heat to form sirocco to evaporate crop moisture circularly for medium with air, achieve stoving goal, and soot and eduction of shunt of stoving air current, accordingly very the reception that gets farming of any of several hot spice plants, popularize easily. Application day: Published day on April 15, 2005: Accredit announcement day: On November 8, 2006 applicant / patent person: Address of applicant of Li Fulu: Shaanxi saves phoenix county double stone to pave town station way machinery of Xin of the Qin Dynasty of 116 phoenix counties makes finite liability company invent design person: Orgnaization of representative of patent of of Li Haiquan of; of Zhang Yuquan of Li Fulu; : Office of patent of new invention of treasure chicken city is procuratorial: Equestrian day arranges type of patent of Li Fengqi: Practical and new-style patent classifies date: F26B23/02