The ancients judges wind hill to cross-----Chinese prickly ash
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Transient wind hill spends Han Yu of Tang Dynasty great poet, see wonderful scenery, chant fell: Hill dark green, river water is yellow, billow wave goes in succession, chinese prickly ash of bright red gown is in hillock. Uprise of bosom of auspicious of clear acting great poet looks far, make a poetry: The Shi Yun after rain crosses mountain low, yao of hill of the Qin Dynasty in all hill is neat. Chinese prickly ash 10 Li Feixiang is far, till wind hill crossing on the west. From this, glad reads the ancients to cross the high evaluation of Chinese prickly ash to wind hill, affection of leisurely Chinese prickly ash: In be being spent hill, any of several hot spice plants waves city of an ancient name for China, affection ties peaceful and company.