Oil of Chinese prickly ash
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Cookbook name Chinese prickly ash is oily

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Basic characteristic oily juice is crystal, flavour Ma Xiangnong.

Basic material plain Chinese prickly ash 150 grams, ginger 50 grams, garlic 50 grams, very light blue 100 grams, anise 5 grams, salad oil 1500 grams.

1. ginger flay is patted broken; Garlic cuts fingernail piece; Very light blue is patted broken. 2. On fire of the buy that fry pan, put salad oil to burn to 56 into heat, blast of devoted ginger, garlic, very light blue is sweet, issue Chinese prickly ash, anise to fry a flavour again, boiler leaves anger, makings broken bits is hit after air is cool, load oil container inside, can take at any time with.

Oil of Chinese prickly ash

The method that make 1. Qing Dynasty choosing: Seed of Chinese prickly ash connects sift out choosing to clear, after stalk of eliminate Chinese prickly ash and other impurity,

2. pulverize: Fry ripe the seed of Chinese prickly ash after is ground with stone or stone joint of bones is smashed to pulverous shape (good) of grain Yue Xiaoyue.

3. boils oil: In buy of black lubricious farinaceous other people is being shown to enter boiling water boiler after will frying ripe pulverize, immediately has mix with shovel or wooden club (2.5 kilograms of right-and-left water add seed of 1 kilogram of Chinese prickly ash) of ripe fine pink. Continue to heat with low baking temperature at the same time heat preservation is controlled 1 hour, what contain major oil but gradually float is in the surface of boiler. Quiet place is controlled 10 minutes, can cast aside the major oil that gives rise with metallic spoon.

4. mound is oily: Cast aside afore-mentioned major oil after going out, water ladle of reoccupy metal flat bottom gently mound presses several minutes, make the oil inside stock bead rise to accumulation, can use metallic spoon to cast aside oily branch.

Seed of Chinese prickly ash is general oil yield 25% the left and right sides, produce classier edible oil oneself for farmhouse.

5. slag remove: The water after giving oil and oil residue draw out an insolation to be able to do fertilizer or feed of mix into add to use inside boiler oneself.
Seed of Chinese prickly ash makes oily engineering technology
Xue Kaifa
Summary: Reported seed of Chinese prickly ash makes oily craft and equipment, offerred more mature craft and parameter, undertook determining analytic to the bases of seed of raw material Chinese prickly ash and its product. To make full use of oil plants resource, seed of implementation Chinese prickly ash controls oily production, offerred better manufacturing technology.
Keyword: Seed of Chinese prickly ash; Make oily technology
The special local product that Chinese prickly ash is our country flavors raw material, because export the addition of the quantity, cultivate an area to jump. Classics investigation, shandong Tai'an area is annual in last few years Chinese prickly ash is planted seed crop amounts to 8000 T above, the seed of Chinese prickly ash that reckons the whole nation has 100 thousand T about remains to machine use.
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