Gansu Province the Qin Dynasty installs introduction of Chinese prickly ash
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In recent years the Qin Dynasty installs government of county Party committee, county to combine prefectural feeling, produce an advantage, stress distinguishing feature, optimize distribution, unremitting, grab get right on the job really, in inn of kiln of An Fu, king, Xie Bao, Guo Jia, the Kingdom of Wei, Xi Chuan, promote the villages and towns such as the country to develop property of characteristic of Chinese prickly ash energetically. To the end of 2007 gross area of entire county Chinese prickly ash achieves two hundred and sixteen thousand five hundred mus, the area achieves the villages and towns of 10 thousand mus of above to have 11, total output amounts to 7.105 million kilograms, production value 71 million yuan. Main breed has bright red gown, the Qin Dynasty to install one date, oily any of several hot spice plants, beans any of several hot spice plants to wait, with bright red gown, Qin An one is given priority to grow variety.

To continue to promote the quality of Chinese prickly ash, the market that enlarges the Qin Dynasty to install Chinese prickly ash is had rate, raise the Qin Dynasty to bring the market competition ability of Chinese prickly ash, villages and towns waits to be popularized energetically in kiln of An Fu, Guo Jia, Xie Bao, king turn production without social effects of pollution, the Qin Dynasty installs industry of Chinese prickly ash to develop the affirmation that got country, province, town, the Qin Dynasty of the new ability of seed selection new breed installs, with lubricious delicacy, bead big, fragrance full-bodied, high yield pledges actor is labelled countrywide forest is thoroughbred. Obtained the Gansu Province 1997 first forest products shows Fair silver-colored reward, obtained the 15th China 2003 western gold prize of technical Fair new technology, new product. The green food attestation that the Qin Dynasty installed Chinese prickly ash to pass national green food to develop attestation center 2005.