Instruct you 4 court identify Chinese prickly ash of true and false
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The area in change of report from our correspondent faced Ms. Zhang Yulan of China village to bought 19 Chinese prickly ash in the free market of agricultural products a few days ago, use a fried dish, do not have flavour of a bit hemp however. With the hand one rub, "Chinese prickly ash " became powder actually. She this ability wakes up to reality: Meet with dealer " whole " .

Door of town Ministry of Public Health supervises the discovery in the examination in sanitation, latter, a few illegal pedlar are driven for interest place, add pigment with inferior Chinese prickly ash shoddy, wait to produce artificial flower for raw material with starch directly even any of several hot spice plants, peppery etc.

How to differentiate true and false? Concerned personage supplies 4 device: "The eye watchs a way " . Split among majority of true Chinese prickly ash, have a mouth, palm of crust colour and lustre red or palm is yellow, every size color is completely not same, housing inside color is white, have a few black seed bead. Really peppery for black or hoar circle grain, color not all, crust has one small macula. Artificial flower any of several hot spice plants, peppery have color to agree, the characteristic with shape even size, surface of artificial flower any of several hot spice plants is compact without the mouth, truer Chinese prickly ash weighs coequal bulk; "Hear a law nasally " . Normal Chinese prickly ash, peppery contain peculiar scent, false do not have; "Hand rub law " . Rub of hand of true Chinese prickly ash is softer, there is fragment of crust of normal Chinese prickly ash after rub is kneaded, without a large number of broken bits child generation, really peppery cannot rub is broken; "The mouth tastes a law " . True Chinese prickly ash has peculiar hemp taste, peppery have sweet piquancy. And false insipidity, or have saline taste, mastication is easy smash. (Liao Wei of reporter Zhang Rong's reporter)