True and false spends the distinction of any of several hot spice plants
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Left is cheap Chinese prickly ash in two cups

Lung of the water fish that boil, husband and wife piece... Dalian person is right plain dish more and more love, chinese prickly ash also makes the home gradually in one of commonly used condiment. However a few illegal pedlar are unexpectedly on Chinese prickly ash adulterate deceive people. Recently, ever was engaged in old condiment citizen Mr Cui of the business to our newspaper " news hot line " report, at present on our city market, many low-cost Chinese prickly ash are fake actually.

Inside: Cheap fake of Chinese prickly ash is not little

Citizen Cui flourish (alias) ever was engaged in old condiment in big food market the business. 2006, cui flourish evacuate this industry. "The mainest reason is be bored with of the cat in this industry many. " Cui Rong expresses.

"Looking is Chinese prickly ash, but the price differs very big, can differ the most cheaply with the most expensive unit price 3 times above. " Cui Rong says, cheap Chinese prickly ash is normally a few advocate the hotel of battalion plain dish is bought, the quality of these Chinese prickly ash is put in not small issue. Cui Rong says, cheap the Chinese prickly ash in Chinese prickly ash is not true Chinese prickly ash actually, wait with seed of wheat straw carapace, Chinese prickly ash however not costly, mix again it seems that the thing with very similar Chinese prickly ash is again impure into a few true Chinese prickly ash. "These sundry color are light, illegal pedlar can catch them into the deep black, red brown color that is close to Chinese prickly ash with dye. These dye are industrial a little painty, the food that makes with Chinese prickly ash is to use conflagration boil oil mostly, industrial dye issues very easy command to issue harmful material in high temperature. " Cui Rong expresses.

Dark visit: Bar remain after deduction is put " brummagem "

Recently, the reporter is headed for early or late big food market, long promote the large terminal market such as the market to undertake investigating. The condiment in big food market area, the reporter walked into 5 condiment early or late shop. The sample of Chinese prickly ash that places on bar is mostly come from Yunnan " green any of several hot spice plants " , every kilograms price is controlled in 50 yuan, and state when the reporter oneself are to run plain dish restaurant, want to buy cheap Chinese prickly ash. Merchant people take out bar remain after deduction to put " brummagem " . The reporter understands, lowest of every kilograms of price is these bargain 15 yuan, see as costly as the price green any of several hot spice plants do not have too big distinction from the surface, fine hear meeting discovery, cheap " Chinese prickly ash " bitter taste is weaker, have light sweet taste.
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