Method of store of seed of Chinese prickly ash
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Cow dung seed dressing uses fresh cow dung 6 ~ 10, with seed of Chinese prickly ash 1 mixes even, put in shady and cool and dry place. Also but good cow dung and seminal agitate hind, embedded is deep inside 30 centimeters hole, 10 centimeters of large tract are built above, the Fu after the lid is solid is careless, spring was taken out second year break along with cow dung into pieces to sow together.

Small vault stores up choice soil the place with wet, good drainage, scrape caliber diameter of 1 rice, bottom 0.4 rice, deep 0.8 meters small vault, the booth after the seed is put becomes 10 ~ 15 centimeters of thick seed layers, go up to earth up 10 centimeters, fill water 1, after waiting for underwater ooze, cover a 3 centimeters wet ground again, cellar carries Fu on the head some fireweed. Second year spring, the seed expands breach, can sow.

Clod does Tibet to take a seed 1, with cow dung, plant ash, loess each 1 ~ 1.5, or seed 1, cow dung 2, loess mixes 2 times even, to dry in the shade of cake of mud of water make it, after oar dry in the shade is being stuck in putting slimy cake slop again, can put in shady and cool, dry, ventilated indoor store up.

Mix sand to store up choose physical features of a place ventilated and good, shady place digs tall, catchment store up hole (avoid groundwater is exorbitant) , pit depth 0.8 ~ 1.3 meters. Mix the seed with the 3 times wet sand at the seed even. Sanded humidity can hold a group not to give water again with finger had better.