Chinese prickly ash carrying altar on the head introduces
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Chinese prickly ash carrying altar on the head gets a name because of producing an altar, classics country is maintained about the expert, it is a mutation of Chinese prickly ash, what produce Chinese prickly ash to belong to " green Pi Dajiao " , sweet hemp is goluptious, provide scent alone. According to determining, chinese prickly ash carrying altar on the head contains rich protein and 10 kinds of when human body needs amino acid, among them the content of most and amino acid relatively other breed is tallish, also relatively content of alimental of partial plant sex is high. The expert thinks Chinese prickly ash carrying altar on the head is protein rich, amino acid all ready, fragrance the admirable breed of merry and lively of powerful, mouthfeel Wen Jiabao reached the summit in October 1999 when base of altar Chinese prickly ash makes an on-the-spot investigation, make clear point out: "Below so harsh environment, the local innovation that the mankind cannot live gives benefit of very good economy, zoology, it is a marvelous pioneering work. " 10 academician and 45 professors, expert went to the the Chinese Academy of Sciences on September 22, 2003 when survey of this town Chinese prickly ash, also affirm adequately: Cultivate Chinese prickly ash to already economic value can change modes of life and relation to their environment again, change processing creation to be able to be drawn lessons from for Shi Mo " mode carrying altar on the head " (turn an area in Shi Mo namely, do not change primitive landform landforms, adjust measures to local conditions, adopt biology measure, adjust cultivate a structure, restore to administer zoology, investment is small, get effective big, and can produce obvious economic benefits