The introduction of Chinese prickly ash
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Chinese prickly ash calls the Qin Dynasty any of several hot spice plants, plain any of several hot spice plants again, it is the fructification that Chinese prickly ash cultivates, have in and other places of Sichuan, Henan, Heibei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Yunnan produce. Matured August commonly. Unripe article have intense hemp taste, fry ripe later can give out aroma. It is a kind of common sweet laborious condiment, a lot of kinds of compound condiment make main raw material with it. It is OK to be used at dish different of the dispel that remove raw meat or fish, add sweet with flavour, it is OK also to can be used independently as compound as other dressing use, multi-purpose at boil in water for a while, bloat, mix, burn, fry, in the ability law such as braise, blast, evaporate.
By size cent is: Old any of several hot spice plants, young any of several hot spice plants.
Can divide by producing area for:

Chinese prickly ash, flavour of lukewarm hemp of flavour laborious sex is powerful, can Wen Zhong comes loose cold, have the effect with acetanilide dehumidify, breed of Chinese prickly ash with any of several hot spice plants of Mao Wen of Sichuan of; of Shaanxi any of several hot spice plants. Clear brook any of several hot spice plants is excellent. Chinese prickly ash is chaffy dish gets important flavoring.

Alias: Old any of several hot spice plants, Sichuan any of several hot spice plants, dot any of several hot spice plants

1.Smell of Chinese prickly ash is sweet, can divide all sorts of flesh kind bad smell of smelling of fish or mutton, can promote saliva to secrete, increase appetite;
2.Have research discovery, chinese prickly ash can make blood-vessel outspread, can rise to reduce the effect of blood pressure thereby;
3.Take feed water of Chinese prickly ash can drive helminth.

Suit a crowd:
Average crowd all can edible, pregnant woman, flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability person diet.

Edible method:
1.When the fried dish, a few Chinese prickly ash are put in oil is heated up inside boiler, nigrescent hind fish out, leave oily fried dish, dish is spicy tangy;
2.Burn oil of Chinese prickly ash, vegetable, soy hot, irrigate go up in dish of cold and dressed with sause, relaxed and goluptious;
3.Souse puts Chinese prickly ash when turnip silk, flavour is superexcellent.

Chinese prickly ash only then see carry at " The Book of Songs " . Ancient time often makes up Chinese prickly ash and wine, call any of several hot spice plants alcoholic drink. " Qi Min wants art " mention for many times use at flavorring. Bright generation Li Shizhen is in " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in point out clearly " its flavour laborious and hemp " characteristic. This hemp already formed the one big characteristic of Sichuan gust now, apply extensively for chef place.

1.Overmuch edible is easy use up alvine path moisture to cause constipation;
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