Character of breed of green Chinese prickly ash introduces
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Green Chinese prickly ash (Zanthoxylum Schinifolium) rue division Chinese prickly ash is belonged to to belong to on classification. For deciduous leaf bush. The branch has smallish skin thorn, without wool. Odd a shape compound leaf, have flocculus 11 ~ 21. Foliaceous axis provides narrow wing, have thorn of small skin of few and far between upsweep. Urgent needle of small lamina tip or blunt, base the department is small deflective, the brim has fretsaw to age, tine seams dot having oil. Panicle top lays umbrella room condition, without wool; The flower is unisexual, small and much. The amaranth when 蓇 葖 fruit is ripe, top has extremely short mouth. Seminal La Hei is lubricious, luster. Florescence 8 ~ in September, fruit period 10 ~ November.
Ci Xi has produce. Home originates in Liaoning with south major province urban district.
Can extract balmy oil if really; Seed but oil expression; Root, leaf, fructification is used as medicine, can come loose Yu detoxify, disappear feeds be good at stomach.