How to use Chinese prickly ash to make enclosing wall cultivated
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Our country is not little farming of any of several hot spice plants has a Chinese prickly ash to grow be used to in what enclosure fence makes all round compound, use the characteristic with aculeate limb of tree of Chinese prickly ash small, whole body to replace fence, protect the security of fruiter or domestic person cultivate. After the tree of Chinese prickly ash that makes enclosure use is grown, want to often undertake administrative only, pruning plastics, can form the green enclosure with concentrated, shapely branch very quickly, not only brick wall of replaceable earth wall, and the effect that has afforest, beautification, Medical Protection, so the unit such as orchard, factories and mines, school all can use tree of Chinese prickly ash to build hedgerow, already economy substantial, be worth to advocate.
With Chinese prickly ash the tree builds hedgerow, cultivated density should compare a little bit general and cultivated density is big, make become a wall as soon as possible, person cultivate cannot be entered, such ability have the effect of enclosure. Build hedgerow row spacing to be 30 ~ commonly 40 centimeters, spacing in the rows is controlled 20 centimeters, but cultivated become 2, show triangular configuration. Be in the place with a mountainous area extensive land, OK still and cultivated become 3, mutual branch off, make quincuncial. Cultivated breed can choose the red agate that popularizes in recent years, the Qin Dynasty to choose to wait for actor new breed.
Cultivated and seasonal: Chinese prickly ash is cultivated normally cent spring is grown and autumn grow two kinds, northward drought is a mountainous area also can be in monsoon is cultivated.
Spring is cultivated: Come after defrost of early spring soil before sprouting, all can undertake, appropriate is early should not be late, along with dig along with grow, survival rate is high. If move a young plant from the other place, must protect good root of the wet protection that pack. Above immerses a long time with wet water before growing, the enough water that decide a root is irrigated after growing. The method is after burying fibrous root, cadre of suitable nursery stock pours 1 kilogram of or so clear water, wait for when having bright water, again to earth up is buried severe, be apart from the earth's surface 10 centimeters of or so cut are dry, can raise survival rate.
Autumn is cultivated: After autumn clutchs soil preparation, aspic is sealed in soil previously many days 20 cultivated, the cut after growing works, repair one mound, prevent cold live through the winter, immediately following in time the dig when year of tree is gemmiparous goes mound, survival rate can be amounted to 90% the left and right sides. The advantage with cultivated autumn is root system and soil osculant, cut heal is early, survival rate is high, grow hale. But winter is colder, must do good live through the winter to protect the job, in case " sprout " with freeze injury.
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