Wild flower any of several hot spice plants
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Wild flower any of several hot spice plants
(" Tibet is commonly used Chinese herbal medicine " )

[different name] Xieerma (conceal a name)

[origin] the peel that is Chinese prickly ash of Tibet of rue division plant, seed.

[plant configuration] Tibetan Chinese prickly ash
Bush or small tree, 1 meter tall. Burgeon is dark brown or dark gray, the move is not close little and smallish next curved skin thorn. Foliaceous each other is unripe, compound leaf of shape of odd number feather; Flocculus 2 ~ 7 pairs, provide extremely short power; Form of small lamina egg or wide egg form, grow 2.5 ~ 5 centimeters, wide 1.5 ~ 3.5 centimeters, xie Yuan has fighting spirit toothed, the two sides that the part of a historical period reachs between tine provides bulky gland to nod, above bottle green, below reseda. Get together panicle top gives birth to the umbrella; Individual plant of different of male and female; Perianth piece 4 ~ 8. 蓇 葖 fruit, mature carpel 2 ~ 4, palm is Brown, have gland place. Seed 1, black luster.
Be born in the bush of the hillside. Distributinging Tibet and other places.

[collect] the fruit that 8 ~ gathered harvest to heat up in October. Insolation, peel and seminal departure, peel is Chinese prickly ash, the seed is eye of any of several hot spice plants.

[sexual flavour] laborious, lukewarm, have small poison.

[function advocate treat] Wen Zhong comes loose cold, dry is wet kill insect. The abdomen that treat a stomach is cold painful, vomit, dysentery of cold wet pour out, ascarid disease. Eye of any of several hot spice plants: Travel water,

[usage and dosage] to be taken orally: Decoct soup, 1 money of 0.5 ~ .