Chinese prickly ash of bright red gown introduces Han Cheng
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Han city is bright red gown Chinese prickly ash The Han city Chinese prickly ash with long history, be apart from today already 600 help advance somebody's career for years the history. According to bright 10 thousand all previous 35 years (namely the Christian era 1607) " Han Cheng county annals " theory homebred in have " churchyard place Rao Zhe, yan of alone hemp Yan, ceiba Yan, any of several hot spice plants, persimmon Yan, walnut Yan " description. Qing Kangxi 42 years (namely the Christian era 1703) " annals of add of Han Cheng county " also have " northwest hill any of several hot spice plants, meandering mountain stream, all of villa of village of each open country cultivates, kind differ, have bright red gown... Yuan Fajiang the Huaihe River " description. Since reforming and opening, han Cheng all previous municipal Party committee, municipal government regards the strategic job that starts Han Fumin as to catch industry of advantage of development Chinese prickly ash, all previous classics 20 old indefatigable effort, even if whole town of be linked together is mid,built a hunderd li of area of Yuan of shallow hill stage base of Chinese prickly ash of 35 million individual plant, crop of Chinese prickly ash breaks through 15 million kilograms, year income breaks through 300 million yuan. 11 villages and towns of whole town already became Chinese prickly ash to specialization manufacturing villages and towns, 195 administrative village become Chinese prickly ash to produce professional village; Whole town is had cultivated the Chinese prickly ash of more than 1000 individual plant cultivates large family 20 thousand. Declared 1996 " base of Chinese prickly ash of bright red gown builds Han Cheng " 1998 bureau be supervisoried by national quality technology includes high yield of the 2nd batch of whole nations standardization of high grade and efficient agriculture demonstrative area plans a project. Began to declare 2000 " industrialization of Han city Chinese prickly ash develops construction " at was being included a country by the state committee of planning 2003 industrialization of a mountainous area economy sets an example project. Han Cheng already made countrywide scale the Chinese prickly ash with highest, best benefit produces the biggest, yield base county (city) .
Chinese prickly ash of Han Cheng bright red gown with " abundant of flesh of spic is big much, Pi Hou, colour and lustre bright-coloured, fragrance moderate of flavour of full-bodied, hemp " and long lose " China name any of several hot spice plants " high reputation. Had the honor to win countrywide forestry name to actor or actress especially 1994 new product exposition " superior goods " award. Had the honor to win Chinese agronomy to meet 1998 " high yield is high grade and concentrated produce " certificate. 2000 by national forestry bureau first naming for " Chinese name actors or actress especially the countryside of economic forest Chinese prickly ash " . 2001, han city government is contributive learn courtyard cooperation formulate as scientificly as food of university of northwest aricultural science and technology with the project standard of place of Shaanxi province Chinese prickly ash, via technology of Shaanxi province quality supervisory bureau was promulgated formally 2002. Declared 1998 " Chinese prickly ash of Han Cheng bright red gown " country of origin proves brand in June 2002 classics country is industrial and commercial approve of bureau of total bureau brand is registered. It is countrywide Chinese prickly ash and northwest area agriculture products the country of origin that registers exclusively via national brand bureau proves brand. "Chinese prickly ash of Han Cheng bright red gown " country of origin is registered successfully of proof brand, brand dominant position is established in will be Chinese prickly ash of Han Cheng bright red gown to compete in intense market, also offerred for broad consumer without food of green of social effects of pollution.
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