Fierce hill green Chinese prickly ash -- it is good to provide those who expand
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-- company of supply and marketing of the county that keep peace develops on-the-spot report of industry of Wu Lingqing Chinese prickly ash

Company of supply and marketing of the county that keep peace stresses a service " 3 farming " tenet running a company, market of base oneself upon, choose project of accurate Chinese prickly ash to regard characteristic dominant industry as development, enrich the people start a company. Run more through two years, "Wu Lingqing " project of Chinese prickly ash shows a huge to expand latent capacity.
One, brief introduction of Wu Lingqing Chinese prickly ash
"Wu Lingqing " Chinese prickly ash is Bao Jing limited company of development of any of several hot spice plants of pediment of hill of connecting with the boxing skill of company of prefectural supply and marketing is introducing Chongqing Jiang Jin " 9 leaves are green " on foundation of Chinese prickly ash, help advance somebody's career through improving technology and have science government, the variety of fits my city soil and climate requirement new Chinese prickly ash that breeding gives, the course is in altitude 300, 1000 meters the Ordovician period, annals takes discipline, The Cambrian, ice laminose wait for plant of different layer zone to all show wonderful growth condition, this answering field planting just tries a flower after 3 years, in advance tries a flower to hang to 2 years if really. "Wu Lingqing " form of individual plant of Chinese prickly ash is husky, root system develops, have be able to bear or endure drought, be able to bear or endure barren, cold-resistant, early, high yield, fragrance content of good, Ma Weisu is high, wait for an advantage early into the market, appropriate bedding face accumulates promotion.
Use of Chinese prickly ash is extensive, economic value is high, a variety of elements such as the vitamin C that contains a lot ofhuman body place to need, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, Selenium and vegetable protein, plant is adipose wait for organic component. Become via seed selection " Wu Lingqing " Chinese prickly ash, fruit color is fresh and green be like beryl, grain is fruity be like bead, of view make person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, clear heart of famous lung of balmy ooze, make popular feeling free from worries magical happy. "Wu Lingqing " a suit of Chinese prickly ash is treasure, its Ma Weisu is otherer breed content is high, peel faint scent, hemp taste is pure, it is to go up beautiful dressing; Peel contains balmy oil to amount to 10% , fruit seed contains balmy oil to be as high as 27.7% , via distillation extraction can make food flavor raw material, industrial wait at making advanced lubricant, paint and soap; The cake broken bits after abstraction still can make fertilizer; Stalk of peel, fruit, seed and rootstock, leaf all can be used as medicine, have demulcent, promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy, fall thrombosis of blood pressure, precaution, Wen Zhong comes loose cold, dry is wet reduce the effect such as bug, park storage can prevent and cure commissariat insect pest; Seed of peel, fruit still can be abstracted fall blood-vessel of hematic fat, bate, be good at head and the A- flax acid of the invigorate the circulation of blood that know wind, its content is achieved 30% . From look at present, processability of Chinese prickly ash is very strong, can machine control chemical industry of health care of dressing, medicine, daily expense 3 old series are close 20 products, market prospect is very capacious.
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