The action fighting cancer of Chinese prickly ash studies
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From rue division kind Chinese prickly ash is belonged to (the alkaloid that depart of Fagara Zanthoxyloides) plant comes out. (character) bright yellow is acicular and crystal, melting point is 202 degrees only then frit then solidify fuses at 255 degrees again.
(action and utility) this tasting for stupid poor Ding kind alkaloid, its structure and smooth Chinese prickly ash are alkaline (Nitidine) is similar. Have very high energy to L1210 and P388. Dosage is 100, 50 milligram and 25 milligram / kilogram when to leukaemia the life of 388 rat is lengthened rate it is respectively 265, 210 with 190 % . Scar is won after small rat uses a few leukaemia to taste cure originally. This tasting enzymatic to going against transcribe with DNA polymerization enzymatic vigor has taller control capacity. The United States is considering to undertake clinical before pharmacodynamics experiments. Chinese prickly ash (" daily expense a book on Chinese medicine " )
(different name) 檓, old any of several hot spice plants (" Er is elegant " ) , any of several hot spice plants of the Qin Dynasty, sichuan any of several hot spice plants (" this classics " ) , south any of several hot spice plants (" Thunder God prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan broil is talked " ) , cling to any of several hot spice plants, 蓎 any of several hot spice plants (" do not record " ) , sweat any of several hot spice plants (contented great scene) , liu Bo (" property of a medicine is talked " ) , plain any of several hot spice plants (" holy Hui Fang " ) ,
(base former) the peel that is Chinese prickly ash of rue division plant.
(former plant) Zanthoxylunm Maxim of Chinese prickly ash.
Bush or small tree, make an appointment with high 3 - 6 meters. Cauline branch is scanty unripe slightly up inclined leather thorn, base ministry side is flat; Burgeon by short fluff. Foliaceous each other is unripe; Compound leaf of shape of odd number feather, long 8 - 14 centimeters, foliaceous axis provides the ala that provides stricture, hour normally 5 - 9, opposite, a few sessile leaf, blade egg form, elliptic to wide egg form, long 2 - 5 centimeters, wide 1. 5 - 3 centimeters, tip urgent needle, normally small sunken, base the ministry is the wedge that differ, the brim is blunt dentate, gland place is had between tine, be in below midrib radical ministry has fascicular long fluff. Umbrella room shape panicle, the top is born or the top is born on side branch; The flower is unisexual, individual plant of different of male and female, rachis by short fluff; Perianth piece 4 - 8, trigonometry shape wraps around needle form; Male flower provides stamen 5 - 7, antheral quadrature circle, medicine lies between close top to have gland place, spend silk thread form, degrade carpel 2, 2 fork crack tip; Female flower carpel normally 3 - 4, upside of ovarian the back of the human body has bulgy gland place, style slightly outside curved, post head shape, ovary does not have a handle. Mature carpel normally 2 - 3. Fructification red comes purple, give birth to the gland dot with verrucous protuberant shape closely. Seed 1, black, luster. Florescence 3 - May. Fruit period 7 - in October. Feral in the bush at wayside, hillside, or to help advance somebody's career. Our country major area has distributing. This floral root (root of Chinese prickly ash) , leaf (leaf of Chinese prickly ash) , seed (any of several hot spice plants looks) also offer officinal, each detailed only.
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