Nutrient composition
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Chinese prickly ash contains nutrient part very tall, chinese prickly ash contains battalion nurturance, every 100g can be fed 4.2mg of 292mg of 35.1g of protein 25.7g, adipose 7.1g, saccharide, crude fibre 8g, calcic 536mg, phosphor, iron is contained in the part, still contain balmy oil, content can amount to 4% ~ 9% . At the same time Chinese prickly ash has monarch the action lukewarm break down that dirty disinfection avoids a disease to travel is painful, kill bug to stop urticant. Use at Wan abdomen cold disease of bellyacke of have loose bowels of painful, vomiting, bug accumulating, ascarid; Eczema Sao is treated to itch outside.

Oneself manage products of a variety of Chinese prickly ash all the year round, have old experience. With sincere desire the first, credit the first; Develop jointly, propose mutual benefit. The management concept that give priority to is can better Chinese prickly ash service at civilian; Just facilitate civilian, ideal implementation, look for cooperative good friend. The hope has person of ideals and integrity to wear connection. Thank    

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