Use Chinese prickly ash to be able to treat a disease opportunely
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Ablactation a breast
Take Chinese prickly ash 6 grams, add water 400 milliliter, water of the decoct after immersing condenses for 200 milliliter, add brown sugar 60 grams of 30 ~ , at breaking breast to took the advantage of heat 1 times that day drink falls. Daily 1, make an appointment with 1 ~ 3 days to be able to answer breast.
Treat dysmenorrhoea
Take Chinese prickly ash 10 grams, peppery 3 grams, 2 flavour grind in all fine pink, with liquor tone is become mushy, apply is in at navel eye, external use is hurt wet acetanilide cream close. Daily 1, this law is optimum because of cold coagulate the dysmenorrhoea that stagnation of the circulation of vital energy causes.
Treat bald
In taking right amount Chinese prickly ash to immerse to count higher white spirit in wine precision, when 1 week hind is used, dip in with clean soft cloth put on the skin of this wine fluid wipes scalp, count everyday second. If match again with ginger juice shampoo, the effect is better.
Treat haemorrhoid
Take Chinese prickly ash 1, in the hop-pocket that loads tailor, plunge into a mouth, with boiled water make tea in the basin, fume affected part with steam first, need water lukewarm appropriate when, go again hip bath. Whole process makes an appointment with 20 minutes, everyday morning and evening each 1.
Treat knee painful
Take Chinese prickly ash 50 grams crush, xian Jiang 10, very light blue 6 mincing, 3 kinds of lump, install inside cloth bag, go up buy one hot-water bottle, apply is in at ache, hot compress 30 ~ 40 minutes, daily 2.
Control athlete's foot
Take Chinese prickly ash 10 grams, crude salt 20 grams, add clear water boil, the Wen Jiang that need water arrives can be able to bear or endure when sufferring, enter crural bubble water in, after 20 minutes, with foot of Wen Shui general abluent wipe. Foot of the bubble before sleeping every night, general 10 days or so can cure.

Treat senile Sao urticant disease
Take Chinese prickly ash, develop bubble with boiled water half bowls, build stew, after stew is good settleclear give water of Chinese prickly ash (Chinese prickly ash but continue to employ) , with disinfection gauze dips in water of Chinese prickly ash swabs affected part, brush 7 days continuously, seldom have a relapse.
Treat gastritis of chronic and atrophic sex
Chinese prickly ash right amount small fry, do the share such as skin of ginger, orange, licorice, grind end, meal hind is taken, every take 6 grams of 3 ~ , one day two.
Treat toothache of eat by moth
Chinese prickly ash 10 grams, arrack 30 grams, after immersing 10 days, filter go broken bits, medicinal liquor dips in with alexipharmic tampon when toothache, a place of strategic importance enters hole of eat by moth inside.
Treat tinea
The slow fire in putting a small Chinese prickly ash bowl of the iron that do not have oil fries dark red color, grind powder, take the advantage of heat to add sesame oil right amount mix is rare. The edge basks to brush oil of pink of Chinese prickly ash by the side of affected part, everyday, every time 20 ~ 30 minutes, 3 days get effective.
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