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My company is located in Xin to decide a basin, air temperature is appropriate, communication is easy, it is Shanxi saves the biggest chili to cultivate base. Show all sorts of chili to will appear on the market in succession for sale. Bullet head, oily any of several hot spice plants, big board any of several hot spice plants, pigment any of several hot spice plants, look any of several hot spice plants, , volume is 3 cherry any of several hot spice plants, new Dou Gong of generation, beneficial. Breed actor, quality good, crop big, price is low, pure belong to green food. Company reputation is spent as much very good, come for many times for years as large and medium-sized as countrywide each district the company cooperates, ever also cooperated with company of foreign capital pepper for many times. The welcome looks around before personage of all circles chili, make an on-the-spot investigation, order. Sincere letter is the tenet that is my company originally. Phone: 0350, 3670141. 13593205388 0350-3670189 13513509629 is in area: Shanxi boil cover? Contact: Chang Tianquan contacts an address: City chili of Shanxi province Xin cultivates base