Toothache does not prevent the Chinese prickly ash that chew a dot
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Say rocket any of several hot spice plants, dr Chen goes up to the reporter first had geographical class. She thinks the person of southwest loves hot, but alone hemp is hot the characteristic that is Sichuan person. This is concerned with its hemp flavour not only, more because plain in much damp, plain person suffers from rheumatism easily painful, and the Chinese prickly ash with sexual flavour lukewarm laborious just has Wen Zhong to come loose the effect with cold, acetanilide dehumidify.

Expert opinion: In acetanilide respect, the mouth chews Chinese prickly ash to be able to alleviate effectively toothache, and the apply after frying its and salt heat at abdomen, medicable as a result of cold coagulate the dysmenorrhoea that stagnation of the circulation of vital energy brings about.

Besides these common officinal outside, chinese prickly ash can treat trichomadesis little-known. Dr Chen says, will right amount Chinese prickly ash immerses it is in the white spirit with higher degree, dip in with clean soft cloth one week later this steep put on the skin wipes scalp to conduce to unripe hair, daily number second, if match again with ginger juice shampoo, the effect is better.

Special recommend: In the office of Dr Chen, the reporter sees a little cloth is wrapped, dr Chen says inside installing 3 flavour condiment: Chinese prickly ash, ginger and very light blue. Encounter the patient that has arthralgia every time, she can take out this little cloth hire a professor one time: Chinese prickly ash 50 grams crush, xian Jiang 10, very light blue 6 paragraphs mincing, lump of 3 flavour material, install inside gauze bag, one hot-water bottle is put on medical bag, hot compress 30 ~ 40 minutes, daily can treat arthralgia twice.