The officinal value encyclopedia of Chinese prickly ash
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Chinese prickly ash is important dressing not only, and be blindly important Chinese traditional medicine. Chinese prickly ash has intense balmy taste, can come loose except raw meat or fish of the smell of mutton, Wen Zhong cold, drop in temperature acetanilide, can use treatment a variety of diseases.

* treats disgusting sickness: Chinese prickly ash 200 grams, fry grind, if horsebean is big,panada is bolus, daily 1, every time 10 bolus, acetic boiling water sends take; Or 9 grams ~12 overcomes Chinese prickly ash, with vegetable oil 50 grams ~80 is overcome blast of Chinese prickly ash anxious, abandon any of several hot spice plants to take oil, wait for the in proper order after oil is cool to take.

* treats dysenteric: 9 grams ~12 overcomes Chinese prickly ash, red pond 15~20 is overcome, the decoct that add water is taken, daily time each potion.

* treats dysmenorrhoea of catch a cold catch a cold: 9~12 of Chinese prickly ash is overcome, ginger 18~24 is overcome, big jujube 10~20, add water 300 milliliter decoct is taken, daily 1 agent, divide time twice lukewarm take.

* treats disease of bravery path ascarid: Chinese prickly ash 30 grams, slow fire is small fry, add Wu Mei 9 grams, water simmer in water is taken, daily 2~3 second; Or gram of 9~12 of Chinese prickly ash grinds fine pink, egg 1~2, fry with vegetable oil ripe hind take, daily 2~3 second.

* treats ascarid sex intestinal obstruction: With gram of sesame oil 100~200, suffer in buy boiler, 15 grams ~20 overcomes devoted Chinese prickly ash, show small anxious namely fish out is abandoned, wait for Chinese prickly ash when oil is lukewarm take.

* treats schistosomiasis: Chinese prickly ash is fried grind to enter capsule into pink, the adult is daily 5 grams, cent is taken 3 times, 20~25 day is one period of treatment.

* treats abdominal pain: Chinese prickly ash 3 grams, dry ginger 6 grams, sweet add 12 grams, water simmer in water is taken, daily 2.

Acerbity leg of the waist after * treats old people disease is soft: Dry Chinese prickly ash 50 grams, fennel 20 grams, boiler goes up to fry after mixing, ongoing into powder, daily 2, every time 3 grams, use Wen Shui to take.

* treats pinworm disease: Chinese prickly ash 50 grams, add water 1000 milliliter, decoct boil 40~50 minute, filter, take milliliter of lukewarm filtrate 25~30 to withhold enema all right, daily 1, successive 3~4 second.

* treats woman shade to itch: Bed of Chinese prickly ash, snake each 50 grams, black false bellebore 25 grams, old tea 1 gather, bake salt 100 grams, water simmer in water is fumed wash.

* treats toothache: Chinese prickly ash 6 grams, mature vinegar 100 milliliter, add water decoction, again take out Chinese prickly ash, gargle is contained in drinking the entrance.


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