Toothache tries water of liquor Chinese prickly ash
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Chinese prickly ash is the condiment with commonly used dish is done in the home, and it is blindly the Chinese traditional medicine with very extensive use. Besides to be taken orally, disease of skin of remedial much seed coat still can be washed outside decoct water, wait like haemorrhoid, prickly heat. Actually, chinese prickly ash still stops of toothache blindly fine medicine. <BR><BR>   takes 10 grams Chinese prickly ash, add right amount water, boil about 5 minutes, add 9 right-and-left white spirit, completely cool hind, filter Chinese prickly ash, pour water of liquor Chinese prickly ash into clean glass bottle to reserve again. When toothache, with clean cotton the autograph dips in the position that toothache puts after this water and bite into, can stop very quickly ache. Chinese prickly ash stops because itself of Chinese prickly ash has local anaesthesia, acetanilide effect,toothache is, can use so regard as aconite is treated to disease, but the pathogeny to producing toothache not can purify, still want timely seek medical advice.