Chinese prickly ash can fight bacterium
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1. Character reachs development gradual progress: Chinese prickly ash belongs to rue makings, deciduous leaf bush or arbor, the tree is tall 3, 5 meters, have on branch doing wide flat and the leather thorn of acuteness and tumor condition are protuberant. The Xie Lu of Chinese prickly ash, flower yellow, peel lays verrucous condition closely protuberant gland body, child black, it is genuine Chinese special local product, have a few kinds of variety such as any of several hot spice plants of the Qin Dynasty, plain any of several hot spice plants, cliff any of several hot spice plants.

Chinese prickly ash already had 2000 to be cultivated for years in China with use history. It is in classics of divine farming a book on Chinese medicine, the any of several hot spice plants is the Qin Dynasty that Chinese prickly ash is weighed. Chinese prickly ash is the medicaments that regards cure as the disease originally. In Tang Dynasty Sun Saimiao " food therapy of a thousand pieces of gold " in say: "Sichuan any of several hot spice plants, flavour laborious, big heat, poisonous. Advocate evil influence, wen Zhong leaves energy of life, constellation taking drink " . Be in " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in account: Treat on gas, cough spits a lump in the abdomen that go against hernia, rheumatism arthritis. Next gas kill insect, benefit the five internal organs, go old blood.

Thick skin of flesh of plain any of several hot spice plants is knitted, smaller than Qin Jiaolue, again green pepper, Ma Jiaozhi is divided. In Qin Jiaozhong, have large meatball, namely bright red gown; Rice any of several hot spice plants, namely small red gown; Oily any of several hot spice plants (big Chinese prickly ash) cent.

Date from Chinese prickly ash holds so high position in archaic China, because the ancients thinks Chinese prickly ash is to be infinitely resourceful,be, supernatural power brimless " Yu Hengxing essence " , in " age movement fights center " have in one book " Yu Hengxing essence and for any of several hot spice plants " account. What we pay close attention to more now is: Produce the effect of Chinese prickly ash to the reason of acme truly, it is the cook technician with those bold but cautious, excellent craft, turned Chinese prickly ash into cure to feed by medicaments with the source, cook plain dish to reach all sorts of delicate important raw material.

2. The bases of Chinese prickly ash: Chinese prickly ash differs because of producing area, composition difference is very big. When the cooked food that cooks different gust, choose different breed.

3. Application: Fructification of our country Chinese prickly ash contains oil of essence of life 5 % , 8 % , oil of essence of life is taken with distillation legal system commonly, bases has Xi of Chinese prickly ash, yak alcohol of mellow, fragrant camphor tree, fragrance alcohol.

Be in " pharmacopoeia of People's Republic of China " in regulation: Chinese prickly ash is traditional Chinese traditional medicine, have " lukewarm break down is painful, kill bug to stop urticant " medical effect, especially any of several hot spice plants of the Qin Dynasty has special effect to the helminth inside drive bowel path, among them α - element of hill any of several hot spice plants (α - Sanshool) have deadly noxiousness to ascarid. The drive Hui head in oil of essence of Chinese prickly ash (Ascaridole) it is the repellent with very wide application. The benzene in Chinese prickly ash poors Ding kind alkaloid has the active that fight bacterium, wait to bacili of coliform organisms, anthrax have inhibition.
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