The officinal effect of Chinese prickly ash introduces
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</DIV><BR> [Chinese name] Chinese prickly ash (" daily expense a book on Chinese medicine " ) <BR> [category] fructification kind <BR> [different name] old any of several hot spice plants (" Er is elegant " ) , any of several hot spice plants of the Qin Dynasty, Sichuan any of several hot spice plants (" this classics " ) , south any of several hot spice plants (" Thunder God prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan broil is talked " ) , cling to 藙 of any of several hot spice plants, 蓎 (" do not record " ) , sweat any of several hot spice plants () of contented great scene, liu Bo (" property of a medicine is talked " ) , chinese any of several hot spice plants (" day Hua Ziben is careless " ) , plain any of several hot spice plants (" holy Hui Fang " ) , dot any of several hot spice plants (" detailed outline " ) . <BR> <BR> [origin] the peel that is Chinese prickly ash of rue division plant. <BR> <BR> [plant configuration] bush of Chinese prickly ash or small tree, make an appointment with 3 ~ high 6 meters. <BR> bine branch is scanty unripe slightly up inclined leather thorn, base ministry side is flat; Burgeon by short fluff. <BR> leaf each other is unripe; Compound leaf of shape of odd number feather, grow 8 ~ 14 centimeters, foliaceous axis provides narrow ala, flocculus normally 5 ~ 9, opposite, a few without the handle, blade egg form; Come elliptically wide egg form, grow 2 ~ 5 centimeters, wide 1.5 ~ 3 centimeters, tip urgent needle; Normally small sunken, base the ministry is the wedge that differ, the brim is blunt dentate, gland place is had between tine, be in below midrib radical ministry has fascicular long fluff. Shape of <BR> umbrella room panicle, the top is born or the top is born on side branch: The flower is unisexual, individual plant of different of male and female, rachis by short fluff; Perianth piece 4 ~ 8, trigonometry shape wraps around needle form: Male flower provides stamen 5 ~ 7, antheral quadrature circle, medicine lies between close top to have gland place, spend silk thread form, degrade carpel 2, 2 fork crack tip; Female flower carpel normally 3 ~ 4, upside of ovarian the back of the human body has bulgy gland place, style slightly outside curved, post head shape, ovary does not have a handle. <BR> mature carpel normally 2 ~ 3. <BR> fructification red comes amaranth, give birth to the gland dot with verrucous protuberant shape closely. <BR> seed 1, black, luster. <BR> florescence 3 ~ in May. <BR> fruit period 7 ~ in October. <BR> is feral in the bush at wayside, hillside, or to help advance somebody's career. Major area of <BR> our country has distributing. This <BR> floral (root of Chinese prickly ash) , leaf (leaf of Chinese prickly ash) , seed (any of several hot spice plants looks) also offer officinal, each detailed only. <BR> <BR> [collect] 8 ~ after fructification is mature in October, scissor fruit-bearing shoot, insolation, remove impurity of only branches and leaves, cent gives a seed () of eye of any of several hot spice plants, take with peel. <BR> <BR> [medicinal material] dry peel (renown: Safflower any of several hot spice plants, red any of several hot spice plants, bright red gown) n craze or the reverse side also a bit craze, submit two valve form, form if the rubber ball of incision, and base the ministry is linked together, diameter 5 millimeter of 4 ~ ; Exterior magenta comes Gong Zong is lubricious, coarse, top has post sign, base the ministry often has small fruit handle to reach 1 ~ 2 not the carpel of development, submit grain form, have 2 ~ occasionally fruit of 葖 of 3 small 蓇 is unripe Yu Guobing is most advanced. <BR> exocarp surface extremely shrinkage, see the oily gland with a lot of protuberant shape that show wart, oily gland diameter 1 millimeter of 0.5 ~ ; Endocarp is smooth, flaxen, constant by base ministry and exocarp depart and coil instead upcountry. <BR> sees black seed of remain sometimes. <BR> peel change is simple, have special intense sweet smell, flavour hemp is hot and abiding. <BR> with bright red, Guang Yan, skin the fine, even, person that do not have foreign matter is beautiful. <BR> advocate produce and other places of Heibei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu Province, Henan. <BR> in addition and other places of Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Hubei, Qinghai, Hunan, Guangxi also is produced. <BR> in addition, congeneric plant sweet any of several hot spice plants child dry peel, also make Chinese prickly ash use. <BR> be used to weighs green Chinese prickly ash, its fructification is 2 ~ more part of fruit of 葖 of 3 small 蓇 is born on one fruit handle, what have fruit of 葖 of a 蓇 only is less; Diameter 4 millimeter of 3 ~ , topmost craze, have smallish rostellum tip. Grass green of <BR> exocarp surface comes olive, rare sap green, have fine furrow, oily gland submits brunet dot form, not very apophysis. <BR> endocarp hoar, often depart with exocarp, two peel coil instead upcountry. The seminal black that <BR> remains, shining, egg circle. <BR> smell is sweet, flavour hemp is hot. <BR> advocate originate in and other places of Liaoning, Jiangsu, Heibei. The earthy Chinese prickly ash that place of <BR> each district produces, basically be any of several hot spice plants of congeneric plant wild flower (refer to leaf of wild Chinese prickly ash) , Zhu Xie any of several hot spice plants (refer to bamboo Xie Jiaoxie) , strap 欓 (refer to an eagle not berth) , handle fruit Chinese prickly ash (refer to medicine of hemp mouth leather, also make the substitute of Chinese prickly ash. <BR> <BR> [chemical composition] fructification of Chinese prickly ash contains naphtha 0.7%(Guizhou to produce) , Gansu Province of 2 ~ 4%(is produced) , Guangdong of 4 ~ 9%(produces) . 牻 ox is contained in <BR> naphtha mellow, citric Xi, withered alcohol. <BR> fructification still contains not steriod alcohol, saturated organic acid to wait. <BR> sweet any of several hot spice plants child (northeast is produced) fructification contains the ester inside head love grass, bergamot. The bases in <BR> fructification naphtha is head love grass, occupy about 90% . <BR> peel contains the ester inside bergamot and benzoic acid. <BR> <BR> [pharmacodynamics action] what contain 牻 ox mellow, small dose can control the initiative activity of bandicoot. <BR> is right small intestine of hare leaving put oneself in another's position, the action when low density is not constant. <BR> has sometimes spend gently but longer athletic hyperfunction, large dose controls alvine movement. After <BR> gives bandicoot profess to convinced, can restrain gastric bowel to move (feed pass speed rottenly to decelerate) , to large intestine motion is affected not quite. <BR> has the effect below have diarrhoea when adjacent and deadly quantity. <BR> particle profess to convinced, have to bandicoot spend diuresis action gently; But can restrain in great quantities excrete. <BR> can produce rapid and distinct step-down effect to hare vein inject. <BR> is 4.8 grams / to the fatal dose of half of the tested animals of bandicoot profess to convinced kilogram, hare vein inject is 50 milligram / kilogram. <BR> animal dies all because breath is paralytic. Anatomize after <BR> is dead, respiratory tract has 牻 ox the aroma with peculiar alcohol, and have larger courage and uprightness oozy fluid, lung and bronchus have a lot of haemorrhage spot, because because breathe exceeding and difficult be caused by,this death reason is. <BR> 牻 ox alcohol has drive bug effect to Guinea pig ascarid. <BR> occupies a story additionally, juice of rare alcohol of Chinese prickly ash has local anaesthesia effect, the surface of cornea of hare is in the home is anaesthetic, because lose a bit,effectiveness gets stuck relatively; It is in the infiltration anaesthesia of Guinea pig, because of,strong Yu Pulu blocks effectiveness. <BR> should point out, japanese place produces Chinese prickly ash, the solid any of several hot spice plants that it is hill, our country is not produced; Contain centre among them paralytic composition, can excited medulla oblongata, generation convulsion. <BR> <BR> [n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine] eliminate fruit handle and seed () of eye of any of several hot spice plants. Fry inside <BR> buy boiler go out to hair noise, oil, take out, put cool. <BR> ① " Thunder God prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan broil is talked " ; Every makes Sichuan any of several hot spice plants, must go looking reach the person that close a mouth, need not its any of several hot spice plants child. <BR> needs wine to mix first your wet, evaporate, come from Si midday, put cold, build closely, 4 bank are taken out without gas hind, enter magnetism implement in, do not make catch a cold. <BR> ② " a book on Chinese medicine spreads out justice " : Beard of Sichuan any of several hot spice plants is small fry, make sweat goes out, must add red yellow case again. The law of <BR> hull, first small fry, in multiplying heat to enter bamboo slip, with stalk pestle, sow take red, if was not used up, more choose, more pestle, spend with all be. <BR> every is needed with any of several hot spice plants such. <BR> <BR> [sexual flavour] laborious, lukewarm, poisonous. <BR> ① " this classics " : Flavour laborious, lukewarm. <BR> ② " do not record " : Unripe lukewarm, heat is cold, poisonous. <BR> is too hot, poisonous. <BR> ③ " property of a medicine talks " : Flavour suffers from laborious, have small poison. <BR> <BR> [return classics] into classics of lienal, lung, kidney. <BR> ① " detailed outline " : Hand, full the moon, right kidney the gate of vitality enrages cent. <BR> ② " classics of a book on Chinese medicine is scanty " : Proceed with, full the moon, hold classics of shade of proceed with faint concurrently. <BR> ③ " a book on Chinese medicine makes up newly " : Enter heart, lienal classics. <BR> ④ " Changsha medicine solves " : Enter kidney of liver of shade of sufficient Yang Mingwei, sufficient faint, sufficient little secret, full the moon lienal. <BR> <BR> [function advocate treat - the effect of Chinese prickly ash] Wen Zhong comes loose cold, dehumidify, acetanilide, kill insect, the raw meat or fish that solve a fish is poisonous. <BR> is treated indigestion feed stop drink, confidential is cold painful, vomit, alas haw, cough circulation of vital energy in the wrong direction, chill arthritis with fixed pain caused by dampness, have loose bowels, dysenteric, colic, tine is painful, ascarid disease, pinworm disease, shade is urticant, sore scabies. <BR> ① " this classics " : Advocate wind evil influence, wen Zhong, divide arthritis, firm tine is sent, bright eye. <BR> advocate evil influence coughs go against, wen Zhong, chase condyle skin dead flesh, cold arthritis with fixed pain caused by dampness is painful, leave energy of life. <BR> ② " do not record " : Cure larynx pain or numbness caused by cold, spit go against, hernial a lump in the abdomen, go old blood, postpartum abdominal pain of more than suffering, perspire, benefit the five internal organs. <BR> divides chill of the six hollow organs, typhoid fever, lukewarm impaludism, fresh gale sweat does not go out, confidential takes drink, constellation is fed, bowel swims next dysentery, discharge essence, woman word breeds more than disease, medicinal powder knot of wind evil a lump in the abdomen, oedema, icteric, the fish that kill insect is poisonous. <BR> opens Cou manage, connect hematic arteries and veins, firm tine is sent, tone is articulatory, cold-resistant heat, can make plaster. <BR> ③ " property of a medicine talks " : Treat evil wind, all over pain or numbness caused by cold of body limb dense, enunciation dropsy is jolty; Advocate feminine month is shut be illogical, treat postpartum evil blood dysentery, old dysentery, advocate unripe hair, in cure abdomen cold painful. <BR> wipes the tear below head wind, lumbar foot fails, empty caustic takes a form, defeat blood, unload all stone water, inside the abdomen cold and painful, divide tine painful. <BR> ④ " dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine " : Destroy scar, below galactic. <BR> ⑤ " day Hua Ziben is careless " : Break 癥 tie, appetizing, treat disease of the air temperature when the day goes, postpartum constellation blood, control confidential energy of life, zhuang Yang, cure shade sweat, warm waist genu, contractible. <BR> ⑥ " detailed outline " : Medicinal powder cold dehumidify, solve Yu Jie, disappear constellation is fed, connect the three visceral cavities housing the internal organs, lukewarm taste, fill right kidney the gate of vitality, kill ascarid, stop have loose bowels. <BR> <BR> [usage and dosage] to be taken orally: Decoct soup, 1.5 money of 0.5 ~ ; Or enter bolus, medicinal powder. <BR> external use: Grind end moves apply or decoct leach is washed. <BR> <BR> [appropriate avoid] flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability person avoid is taken. <BR> pregnant woman careful take. <BR> ① " focus of classics of a book on Chinese medicine " : Almond makes for it. <BR> Wei coltsfoot. Building of <BR> evil Gua, prevent certain herbaceous plants with big flowers. <BR> Wei gamboge. <BR> ② " do not record " : Eat gas of lack making a person more, the person that the mouth is shut commits murder. <BR> ③ " food therapy of · of a thousand pieces of gold " : Long feed lack making a person to enrage blindness. <BR> ' ④ " Tang Bencao " : Wei as kind of bag I, monkshood, the root of fangfeng. <BR> ⑤ " classics of a book on Chinese medicine is scanty " : Lobar stomach element has fervent, or cough is unripe phlegmy, or noisy vinegar heart, vomitive acerbity water, or the blood below heat of large intestine accumulating, salty unfavorable with; Because every have loose bowels is fervent cruel note and rather than to accumulate cold empty cold person of avoid; Shade Wei foot is weak, decline as a result of fire of the gate of vitality of and rather than of exhaust of blood of essence of life Xu Han be caused by person, should not be the part of the body cavity below the umbilicus is officinal; Cough the person that go against clogged up of the evil outside be not chill is unfavorable with; The word breeds because more than disease is enraged originally from disease person unfavorable with; Oedema is icteric because do not have the rheumatism evil person that enrage at lienal empty to should not be,use; This world of all deficiency of yin with irritability are filled, fervent go up strong, head gall, tine float, aphtha, nosebleeding blood, deaf, pharynx is painful, glossal bare, disappear thirsty, lobar Wei, cough, haemoptysis, the card such as haematemesis, law place salty avoid. <BR> ⑥ " along with music score of news room food " : Feed get angry more abort. <BR> <BR> [anthology square] ① treats the Great Cold in breadth of mind painful, vomit cannot food, in the abdomen cold, strong skin rises on, give existing head sufficient, fluctuation is painful and cannot touch close: Sichuan any of several hot spice plants 2 close (go sweat) , dry ginger 39, ginseng 19. On <BR> 3 flavour, with water 4 litres, boil take 2 litres, go Zi, accept glue maltose a litre, low baking temperature is boiled take a litre half. <BR> divides Wen Zaifu, consistent cook a meal justs, but drink congee 2 litres, hind more take, when one solar eclipse rotten, wen Fuzhi. <BR> (" golden deficient summary " the soup in a lunar month of 30 days) ② treats cold bug aching: Plain any of several hot spice plants 39. <BR> is fried perspire, wine drenchs one bowl, serve liquor. <BR> (" birthday region god square " ) ③ treats haw alas more than: Plain any of several hot spice plants 39. <BR> is fried grind, panada bolus, wu child big, every are taken 19, below acetic boiling water. <BR> (" esoteric classics proved recipe " ) ④ treats summerly injury wet cold, have loose bowels is more than: Plain any of several hot spice plants 9 (the person that go looking and close a mouth, slow fire is fried sweet ripe to spend) , nutmeg (the face is wrapped, cook over a slow fire) half. Delicate last stage is on <BR> , rice meal and bolus milled glutinous broomcorn millet are big. Every take <BR> 10, below rice drink, when notting have. <BR> (" children is wholesome always small theory square " bolus of plain any of several hot spice plants) ⑤ orders Sun release: The rhizome of Chinese atractylods 19, plain any of several hot spice plants 9 (go mouth. <BR> fries) . Delicate last stage is on <BR> . Vinegar papers bolus, be like Wu child big. Every take <BR> 2, 30 bolus, below the Wen Shui before feeding. <BR> evil dysentery is long the person that do not heal, mi Jia. <BR> is like children disease, bolus if milled glutinous broomcorn millet is big. <BR> (" general aid square " bolus of art of any of several hot spice plants) ⑥ controls a tooth-like part of anything painful: Simmer in water of vinegar of Sichuan any of several hot spice plants contains. <BR> (" dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine " ) ⑦ treats tine to ache: Plain any of several hot spice plants 9 (go looking) , disturb Luo Wei end, be like black horn with good flour bolus child big, burn your heat, bite at place pain spot. <BR> (" holy Hui Fang " ) ⑧ wipes typhoid fever spitting blood, then tine seams all bleed more than: Mouth plain any of several hot spice plants 49, be the same as decoct with vinegar, face ripe into alum a few, gargle is contained in the mouth, after a short while is spat, sip again gargle and contain. <BR> (" Ren Zhai points to continuously square " ) ⑨ controls cold wet athlete's foot: Plain any of several hot spice plants 2, 3 litres, rare cloth bursa fills, day in order to stamp a foot. <BR> (" woman effective prescription " ) ⑩ treats kidney windbag to itch: Plain any of several hot spice plants, almond. <BR> grinds cream, besmear the centre of the palm, add up to scrotum and lie. <BR> (" Ren Zhai points to continuously square " ) ⑾ treats woman shade to itch cannot bear, blame have with heating up Shang Bao to wash cannot already person: Chinese prickly ash, bed of dogwood, snake each 9, black false bellebore 5 money, chen Chayi gathers, bake salt 19. <BR> water simmer in water is fumed wash. <BR> (" cure class " soup of Zhu of any of several hot spice plants) ⑿ treats poison of wind of heart of hands or feet swollen: Unripe (flower) divide into equal parts of end of any of several hot spice plants, salt end. <BR> is mixed with vinegar apply. <BR> (" ancon of fill a vacancy is rear " ) ⒀ treats long suffer from aphtha: The person that Sichuan any of several hot spice plants goes closing a mouth, bath, the face mixes, boil congee, hollow those who swallow, fall with meal pressing, the person that weigh can be taken again, it is in order to be recovered degree. <BR> (" dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine " ) ⒁ treats a head to go up white bald: End of Chinese prickly ash, pig fat moves apply. <BR> (" general aid square " ) ⒂ treats brothers chapped to crack: (Flower) any of several hot spice plants 4 close, water boils, go Zi. Of <BR> be soiled feed just, give your dry, instantly answer dip, work head of marrow of Tu Yang, pig. <BR> (" monk difficult part square " ) ⒃ treats lacquer skiing ulcer: Han Jiaoshang washs. <BR> (" Tan children square " ) ⒄ treats yuan of Tibet the injury is exhausted, deaf witnesses: Sichuan any of several hot spice plants (go looking reach the person that close a mouth, cruel dry pound Luo Qugong balance a jin, pound the) that it is end again, virgin soil Huang Qijin (fertilizer is tender person) . On <BR> 2 flavour, wring glutinous rehmannia support sb with one's hand natural juice first, the decoct in bronze ware is made to a litre, live fire, hou Xichou gets place, end of the any of several hot spice plants before be being mixed namely is bolus, be like Chinese parasol child big. <BR> is daily and hollow below warm wine 30 bolus. <BR> (" holy aid always records " red bolus of any of several hot spice plants) ⒅ cures feed unripe tea: (Flower) end of any of several hot spice plants is not restricted how many, be like Wu in order to paper bolus child big, tea plays 10 ball. <BR> (" get the better of Jin Fang " ) <BR> [clinical application] intestinal obstruction of sex of ① cure ascarid uses sesame oil 2 ~ 4 2, suffer in buy boiler, devoted Chinese prickly ash 4 money of 3 ~ , to small anxious namely fish out is abandoned; Wait for Chinese prickly ash when oil is lukewarm take 1 times. <BR> treats 8 children patient, all at taking the 15 ~ after medicine 30 minutes bellyacke stops, subsequently defecate, some at the same time eduction ascarid. <BR> grows too like obstruction time, toxic symptom is apparent, have bowel necrotic or have appendix ascarid likelihood person, unfavorable take. <BR> ② treats schistosomiasis try out at schistosomiasis of early, metaphase, have certain effect to improving a symptom, the appetite after taking drug increases, liver is lienal those who have different rate is contractible. <BR> usage: Chinese prickly ash is fried grind to install capsule into pink, grow up everyday 5 grams, cent is taken 3 times. <BR> 20 ~ is one period of treatment 25 days. Ill Chinese prickly ash of pinworm of cure of <BR> ③ 1 2, add water 2 a unit of weight, boil 40 ~ 50 minutes, filter. <BR> takes lukewarm filtrate 30 milliliter of 25 ~ withhold enema all right, daily 1, successive 3 ~ 4. <BR> treats ill patient of 108 children pinworm, clinical symptom all disappears, 3 times bug egg all is mucky check electronegative. <BR> ④ is used at acetanilide take peel of Chinese prickly ash to make the inject juice of 50% , painful when intramuscular injection or point inject, every time 2 milliliter. <BR> observes 266 in all, its middle is painful (ulcer angina of convulsion of painful, bowel, bravery) 246, effective 240; Liver area is painful 4 all effective; Lumbago 3, effective 2; Other is aching (have a headache, angina pectoris) 13. <BR> is effective 5. The person that cancer aches to alleviate completely in <BR> 266 exemple 186, the person that the part alleviates 68, invalid 12. After <BR> injects general 10 ~ alleviate 15 minutes sorely, can last 2 ~ 4 hours. <BR> is treated side effect did not see in Cheng. <BR> ⑤ is used at answering lacteal Chinese prickly ash 5 money of 2 ~ , add water 500 milliliter of 400 ~ , the decoction after immersing condenses 250 milliliter, join brown sugar next (white sugar effect not beautiful) 1 ~ 2 2, fall at ablactationing to took the advantage of heat 1 times to take that day, day is taken 1 times, about 1 ~ can answer breast 3 times. <BR> great majority at taking medical hind 6 hours galactic decrease significantly namely, disappear or the 2nd day of breast bilges painful alleviate. <BR>
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