Prickly heat of prickly heat of prevention and cure of Chinese prickly ash
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It is the skin disease with children most common summer, with other disease, affect the child's appetite, Morpheus and systemic health.

, the category of prickly heat

Expression of children prickly heat and adult differ somewhat, change is bigger. New student or little baby prickly heat is petty and transparent vesicle more, color is hoar, compare simple table, distributing concentrated, common weighs white prickly heat. Happen at the child to apparel more overmuch, intense solar insolate or after taking febrifuge to give kubla khah suddenly. White prickly heat is general perfunctory, without apparently unwell, 1 ~ can be absorbed by oneself after 2 days, keep bit of scale of branny shape of a few white. A few bigger child, prickly heat expression and adult are similar, express gules Xiaoqiu rash or grave bleb for the skin, often appear suddenly and rapid increase, companion has apparently urticant feeling and glowing feeling, after sweat fluid is soaked, can have smartly. The child because this is fretful and disturbed, the Jing when Morpheus cries, catch chaos to flinch with hand chaos. This type sees more most, common says " red prickly heat " . Prickly heat afterwards sends bacterial infection, head of pus of occurrence yellow of gules papula top, it is purulent prickly heat namely. Right now, must treat in time, otherwise, infection limits expands, can form skin furuncle swollen, accompany have the symptom such as calorific, local ache. Purulent prickly heat returns Ke Jifa or cause pustular rash even septicemia, nephritis and fester sex meningitis.

2, how does the family prevent with nurse

The first, strengthen the skin to nurse, maintain skin cleanness. Trim nail frequently, carry hand department clean, avoid to scratch catch skin afterwards to send bacterial infection.

The 2nd, the summer should control the child appropriately outdoors activity time and vivid momentum. Bedroom attention is ventilated, keep cool, conditional person install air conditioning. Daily can bathe for the child 1 ~ 2.

The 3rd, child dress should comfortable hypertrophy, frivolous softness, often change. Dress material should choose the jaconet with connect temperament bibulous, good, can reduce pair of cutaneous attrition.

The 4th, little patient of dialogue prickly heat does not need special processing commonly. Little patient of red prickly heat should notice to maintain skin cleanness, brush wait for medicaments with prickly heat water. The little patient of purulent prickly heat, besides noticing to maintain child skin cleanness, should give refuse infection treatment. If appear,skin infection companion has calorific, want to send a hospital in time to see a doctor.

The 5th, midsummer shoulds not be infantile shave bareheaded. A little young father and mother for the child cool, prevent little baby to give birth to prickly heat, give child shave shaven head. Actually, such doing not only cannot prevent the child to give birth to prickly heat, and the scalp as a result of the child thin delicate, together with cries in the child when have one's head shaved be troubled by struggle, make the child's scalp is injured extremely easily, increase the chance that all sorts of bacteria affect. Additional, the person's hair can come loose hot, help temperature of human body adjustment. Accordingly, in midsummer season, had better not give child shave shaven head.
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