Foot of bubble of soup of decoct of Chinese prickly ash aids health
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Foot of bubble of soup of decoct of Chinese prickly ash aids health

In last few years, bubble foot room rises together, see everywhere, and blurb, claim to be able to eliminate fatigue prolong life.

The sanitarian method of foot of bubble of little imagine Chinese traditional medicine, can be found everywhere in the way to keep in good health of ancient codes and records of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, without what mysterious but character. Method of this kind of health care is expensive in perserve, must every day bubble washs the result that just can get ideal.

One introduces here handy the method of bubble foot health care of easy travel: Wash with bubble of soup of decoct of Chinese prickly ash. Before sleeping every night first will double foot is abluent, this soup irons reoccupy bubble. Hold on every day, if things go on like this, can remove dispel disease to delay year the effect. The most apparent is the immune ability that can enhance convection feeling virus or other contagion. This just is Beijing place of deceased and famous traditional Chinese medical science Mr Shi Jinmo imparts.

Chinese prickly ash is the commonly used balmy spice in domestic cook, in our country ancient time ancient codes and records of all sorts of a book on Chinese medicine all have collect. It can in dispel cold, assist this world is angry. Consequently be apt to comes loose Yin Han's gas, aid yuan of in relief inadequacy, benefit enrages a water. Additional, still have antiseptic, disinfection, acetanilide, stop the action such as urticant, detumescence. Can rise with foot of bubble of soup of decoct of Chinese prickly ash inside the function that controls outside disease, because be in,sufficient ministry of the person is put in move and human body organ of each internal organs of the body reflexes an area relative to what answer, the soup that use drug immerses or massage these to reflex an area, can make arteries and veins of dredge of systemic main and collateral channels, blood fluent, can adjust human body is departmental the function of cent, obtain prevent disease to treat a disease the effect of ego health care. Have in ancient books of our country medicine " the law that watch foot " , " sufficient heart " account, old traditional Chinese medical science is classical " the classics inside Huang Di " in, introduced the point on a lot of feet, be like too too strong, white, emerge shade of spring, Kunlun, a key to do sth, inside front courtyard is waited a moment, do not issue more than 30, explain these acupuncture point potential energy part the human body such as understand liver classics, lienal classics, stomach classics, arm foot classics, bravery classics, kidney classics the main and collateral channels of each internal organs of the body.

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