Any of several hot spice plants of bend over of water of Gansu Province day walk
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Any of several hot spice plants of bend over of water of Gansu Province day walks along situation shallow analyse

Water of Gansu Province day teems with volt Chinese prickly ash, any of several hot spice plants of < bluish dogbane > at present Chinese prickly ash appears on the market only 30 days or so, chinese prickly ash also flows to market of countrywide each district with breathtaking speed, current yuan of dragon. Gan Gu. Each producing area such as Qin An is amounted to with selling Chinese prickly ash 2/3 the left and right sides. And price of Chinese prickly ash rises ceaselessly, its basically have two sides.

One: Stew  ń fragrance room of cent of the far natrium that scoop up an ancient nationality in China? of humorous of  of agent melt  and demand twice increases by degrees.

2: Does Shi couch float the couch that spit evade returns  of Tong of meet with of collect Zou insane?

Rise in price in producing area Chinese prickly ash main body is the following now at 3 o'clock:

One: Danger of accept of Song of  Qiong Zou?

2: ? of the land austral Kang magpie adds other Chinese prickly ash in volt Chinese prickly ash.

3: Impurity of early days of? of solid head Mian 13% , now 16% .

Above made Chinese prickly ash rises at 3 o'clock be close to 2 yuan.

At present producing area price is as follows:

Fancy wintersweet any of several hot spice plants 24 yuan. One class: 21.5 yuan of 2 class: 19-20 yuan 3 class: 18-19 yuan >

13993851548 of service center of purchase and sale of Chinese prickly ash of Du Yu of Shui Yuanlong of Gansu Province day