Of the price rise is the space in?
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To going with the Chinese prickly ash this year situation, the following place says to represent an individual only, home of Communist Labor University is referenced.

From new this year Chinese prickly ash buy begin now, it is in light of the crop of Chinese prickly ash from this year and popular consumption: ń embraces the? that steal reef to be in instead from tall

Arrive low, it is this short 10 → in time of 20 days, can have how big change, why?

Of ⑴ new Chinese prickly ash appear on the market, that is regular meeting is welcomed, compare plus the quantity little, some people do not want to sell again (the price is low, pay tall) . Everybody

Contend for me to grab with respect to you, the price can go up of course.

Volume of the Chinese prickly ash after the time that ⑵ influences in 10 days rises ceaselessly (should not sell the 2nd times only in hill, can 1 hoisting jack controls goods in stock of dry any of several hot spice plants) popular consumption

(Of prices go up raise and income disproportionate)

The word price of the reason that the price is in the Chinese prickly ash this year to be an element without the person will be in a stabler range for a long time in metaphase in, not
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