Price of Chinese prickly ash goes situation analysis
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Gold the arrival August, chinese prickly ash appears on the market in great quantities, the farmer began results, a large number of travelling merchant come round to order, the business of Chinese prickly ash that gives place added vigor and lease of life.

Because a large number of appearing on the market, price of Chinese prickly ash also begins to drift somewhat, what the phenomenon that buys harder than beginning costly case begins to change is insipid, travelling merchant also begins argy-bargy, compete each other, as far as possible depress market value gets larger profit space.

Answer way to ordering what the farmer of demand a low price of business also has done not have, can remainder.

Hope place government can publish accommodative policy to offer a farmer proper help, will not deficit is too much, threw much labor power after all. Financial capacity. Energy. Believe they do not hope soon bumper harvest year not bumper harvest.