Pengshui: 5400 acres of pepper base construction
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Backcountry built pepper base. Recently, located in a remote village of Pengshui County 4 Tong Louxiang Paulownia Yang in the village, looking at their own responsibility for the earth has completed planting 23 acres of pepper, very happy. "After three years, at least 23 acres of pepper over 5 million per year income." Including more than 2,000, including Yang the villagers, under the guidance of the technician, has now built a base of 2,400 acres of pepper. The remaining 3,000 acres of the completed plan is building a base among the pepper. Abandoned land turned "treasure bowl" Located in a remote Tong Louxiang Pengshui County is one of the county's most remote towns. Given the fact that elevation of 600-1100 meters, mountains and semi-alpine areas are. Most of the territory of the hillside land, crop production value is very low. In recent years, with the work flow of tide, more and more sloping land into wasteland. To take full advantage of abandoned land, promoting household million increase, the township party committee and government collaboration county forestry sector, mobilization of farmers into a piece of forest to build pepper characteristics. Households in soliciting, she was the first choice of Chongqing as returning farmland to forest tree species in nine Ye pepper "home" to the Tong Louxiang of cropland and idle land. Into a piece of abandoned hillside suddenly become farmers "treasure bowl" - 5400 acres pepper base will be put into operation in three years, as farmers here to create thousands of yuan of output value. Township party secretary Chen Qifeng said, "Ye pepper nine years to bear fruit, into the rich five-year period, plant can produce 3-5 kg of fresh pepper. Fresh pepper prices in the 4.5-5.5 million now." Base located in poor hillside pepper Chen Qifeng introduction, the introduction of the pepper seedlings township is known as a new generation of gourmet pepper varieties - Nine Ye, with fruit fragrance, pure taste of the characteristics of hemp. To create a pepper base, Chen Qifeng Jiang Jin has made several trips to visit other pepper growing county. "Nine Ye pepper with a high yield per plant, extensive management, fewer pests and diseases, cattle and sheep are not grazed, etc., especially suitable for large-scale cultivation." It is reported that nine Ye pepper is generally about 20 degrees below zero by the time of freezing, drought-resistant, anti-poor, suitable for all kinds of soil cultivation, especially the slope, fast growth. "Technical staff said that half of those of us mountains sloping mountains, it is very suitable for the growth of nine Yeh pepper." Chen Qifeng said. Government building characteristics by fruit trees help farmers "Government money, to the characteristics of fruit and nut trees we built, the villagers are very happy!" Paulownia 4 villagers Zhongtian Rong village, because the past few years in other industries outside the home, 10 acres of land are basically at the abandoned state responsibility. This time, she encouraged the local government, all the barren land for all the pepper plant. "Solve the problem of abandoned land, and 10 acres of pepper is also equivalent to a small home built 'green banking'." According to Zhong Tianrong introduction, 100 strains of the pepper seedlings Muping forestry sector funding procurement. Her family has not spent a penny. "We have participated in these households benefit from afforestation, the Government also take a day out of the 40 wages." It is reported that 3-year period, tending, they can also receive 20 yuan per mu, tending and management fees. Given the fact that, like hundreds of households with Zhongtian Rong, enjoy this Road "free meal." It is understood that Tong Louxiang Agricultural Development Company is formed, pepper and other agricultural products for the township to open sales channels, to ensure that farmers worry pepper pepper put into operation.