Winter Health Guide: pepper appetizer pepper fend off the cold dampness spleen
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"Cooking" also called "cooking." The so-called "cooking" is changed to make raw food cooked; and the so-called "transfer" is to make the food has more flavor for eating, shape, flavor, nutrition --- which requires seasoning. Seasoning salt is the earliest. According to historical records, from the Shang Dynasty of China began to use salt to season the. Over time, people have become increasingly demanding of spices, there has been a native of star anise, pepper, cinnamon, orange peel; with Western businessmen incoming pepper, pepper, cumin ... ... Now, foreign diet for the sauce is rich with Chinese people's dining table, cumin, nutmeg, barbeque sauce, curry, fish sauce ... ... they are full of local characteristics with Chinese bean paste, shrimp paste, chop pepper sauce together and merged into a wonderful The delicious surprise constant symphony. Spices not only add to the dish sour, sweet, salty, fresh taste of promising appetite, a more rational use of human health. First, the spices can be bactericidal. Cold dishes such as we are doing, they usually have to add garlic and vinegar, so not only can improve the taste, scent and a little more than bactericidal effect. Second, the spices can go rank. Many smell of food of animal material not only affects appetite, high intake is also bad for your health. The substances contained in spices such as pepper, pepper contains Chuanjiao element, containing fennel anise alcohol, anisole, containing cinnamon essential oil, organic acids, etc., they all make the aldehydes, ketones and other fishy ignorant of the component chemical reaction, so that Xingshan weakened and can smell aroma. Again, anti-corrosion. Adding spices to enhance food cells, osmotic pressure, inhibit bacterial growth. For instance, we do beef sauce, pickles, preserves all the truth. Finally, there are medicinal spices. Such as rock sugar to dryness Yangfeihuoxue and pepper to spleen appetizer, pepper to fend off the cold dampness ... ... according to the taste of different spices, with the appropriate ingredients, according to the different needs of people eating, the body will be able to play a delicious complement effect.