Mother and Daughter "poisoning" because love pepper
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A pair of mother and daughter came to Yangzhou, Sichuan, after moment later, began to frequently appear flustered, dizziness, whole body fatigue and other symptoms, been to Nanjing, Shanghai and other treatment can not diagnose the reason. Chinese Zheng Junqian final diagnosis by the city's name, which her daughter was actually eating more pepper for "poisoning" due. To Yang in January, that inexplicable flustered dizziness Miss Deng is a native of Sichuan, last year moved his family business in Yangzhou. Due to eating spicy flavor of Sichuan cuisine, they came to Yangzhou, the home cooking is also a lot a lot of ground pepper and pepper to Guo Lifang. Results less than a month off, she and her daughter began to frequent palpitation, dizziness, whole body fatigue and other symptoms. The husband of Miss DUNN long-running business away on mission, not the symptoms appear. They also requested a family nanny native of Yangzhou, the basic room and board usually have with them, had the same symptoms. The strange thing is, if the nanny returned home a few days, the symptoms will improve or even disappear. At first, Miss DUNN and daughter do not take too seriously these symptoms, that is agitated, or due to fatigue, but the symptoms continued, they tense up, immediately go to hospital. However, a number of checks done over and over did not find any problems. Identified problems will not be a good thing, but her daughter and nanny Miss DUNN three symptoms is still not disappeared. They also visited Nanjing, Shanghai and other places for treatment, could not find any cause. Pepper poisoning, food should do as the Romans So, after a nearly three year until the city recently found a Chinese Zheng Junqian only find out the cause. Dr. Cheng said that when he learned they were from Sichuan, usually eat pepper to immediately understand the cause, "in fact they are all pepper 'poisoning'." Do not pepper seasoning, how toxic it? Dr. Cheng took a Chinese herbal medicine books, told reporters: "pepper, also known as Chuanjiao. According to TCM theory, it is the taste is 'Sim, hot, toxic.' Effect is the 'temperature in the pain and killing.'" He said that the reason Sichuan pepper eat because of the local environment moist, easy to get rheumatoid arthritis, and pepper can effectively resist the invasion of the environment on people, its toxicity in the local environment can also be "in and . " But by the Yangzhou, climate change, is no longer appropriate to eat pepper, otherwise it will be like Miss Deng, who as a mild form of "poisoning" symptoms. He said: "The food is always one place and the local climate and environment, allelopathy, to health, we need to adapt to the local diet, otherwise inexplicable illness." He cites the Road, from the traditional Chinese medicine theory, as in the past Cantonese love to eat centipedes, scorpions, etc., because the local moisture, insects and more easy to get skin diseases. If that does not eat them in Guangdong, will be mosquito bites, skin suffered damage. But if in Yangzhou also eat these, you also will "poison."