The importance that the enterprise gets online
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At present the whole world has 10-12 user of 100 million Internet, the user on Chinese net already exceeded 8000 much, no matter you do what business, should not ignore these two data. There is many commercial opportunity on Internet, it offerred a kind of brand-new trade pattern and direct sale channel, it is OK that any companies should be done well only find on the net earn money method.
Actually, a good deal of business already clinched a deal on the net. The sale on the net was 75 billion dollar 1997, arrive to will increase 1.2 trillion dollar or more 2002.
The enterprise gets online, can do the following business at least:
1. Confront more than 100 million clients: Face exceed 1 to come the client of 200 million, to provide your service to them, you need to build your enterprise website for them. Your competitor also meets such doing.
2. Compose builds commercial network: Of commercial process it is the connection with someone else partly greatly very. Every astute entrepreneur understands the value that has be contacted extensively and be osculatoried. A lot of businessmen can relate the story of great deal of through meeting accidentally make it brushstroke. Passing calling card is every time good meeting one part, you pass your website, can everyday 24 hours already cheap easily to by tens of thousands the person sends calling card.
3. Provide commercial information: You take advertising action seriously certainly, internet is a kind of new news media, the enterprise builds a website, be equivalent to advertising on this one new media, the website used multimedia technology, provide character, image, voice omnibus service, can accomplish graph Wen Bingmao not only, and can undertake man-machine interaction at the same time. Use enterprise website, the client that you can invite you knows them should the detailed reason with your deal, can make your make it more businesses.
4. Sell goods: Selling goods is the most important thing that uses a website to do, what do the website lets a client understand you do, after what can you do for them, just make they become your client likely.
5. Answer the question that is asked about via regular meeting: The person that answers a question with the phone does not have one exceptional ground to say, their time is spent normally making up another answer same question to go up everywhere. Client and potential client want to know these issues before trading with you. If put these issues on the website, you hamper besides with respect to the platoon the obstacle of your deal, your job is much more comfortable also.
6. Maintain the connection with the salesperson: The information that you can need the salesperson is put on the website, the company salesperson in journey can get instant information, help them sell or facilitate trade.
7. Development international market: The postal, telephone call that you perhaps get not quiet all and potential international market and code system, but with a website you can begin to speak with the international market, resemble with street the company dialog on is same simple, same charge. You release information on the website, the career that meets you for certain brings international opportunity.
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