Hill of wind of survey of prefectural Chen Jie crosses property of Chinese prick
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On August 14, yao Ansheng of prefectural Chen Jie, subprefect guides company of couplet of forestry bureau, credence, government to do wait for a branch to be in charge of like-minded development wind hill crosses property of town survey Chinese prickly ash. Old head of a county emphasizes, want to take a series of step, had done make industry of big Chinese prickly ash, increase farmer income, accelerate a farmer to become rich pace.
At present is Chinese prickly ash picked season, when base of Chinese prickly ash of the die young in cross a town when car of drive of group of old head of a county, the Chinese prickly ash that full slope alls over numerous Xie Mao of wild, branch forest all stop eye ground, colour of mature Chinese prickly ash is flowery, balmy and delightful. In spirits of old head of a county comes to Gu Lun village garden of an any of several hot spice plants, as kind as the master Han Yuntian that picking any of several hot spice plants chat, enquire his home Chinese prickly ash cultivates the circumstance such as area, management, crop, sale, income, income will achieve 12 mus of Chinese prickly ash that are informed his home this year 16000 multivariate when, very glad, encourage him to do good Chinese prickly ash to establish government, have good crop year after year. Subsequently, old head of a county is in Hou Du village chairs call together development to exhibit forum of industry of Chinese prickly ash on the west, listened to hill of zephyr of Zhang Zhenbo of director of prefectural forestry bureau to cross Zhang Zhenjiang of Zhang Yingzheng of secretary of town Party committee, alcalde to produce a circumstance to report about Chinese prickly ash of entire county, whole town. My county is national forestry bureau first 2003 naming " Chinese name actors or actress especially countryside of Lin Zhi of economy of Chinese prickly ash " , also be base of the throughout the country's biggest production of Chinese prickly ash of bright red gown. Area of entire county Chinese prickly ash 50 thousand mus, always produce 5000 tons, production value 70 million yuan, farmer per capita 240 yuan. Its are apoplectic hill is crossed in die young is taken, cultivated area achieves 30 thousand mus, income of whole town Chinese prickly ash amounts to 45 million yuan of above. Secretary of branch of village of part attending the meeting, Chinese prickly ash cultivates large family and travelling merchant to produce breed, management, sale, treatment and science and technology to groom in the light of Chinese prickly ash, cooperation function also offerred very good opinion and proposal.
Subprefect Yao Ansheng says when have an informal discussion, chinese prickly ash already made one of dominant industries that increase farmer income, mix to protection at the same time improve zoology environment, construction of county of stimulative zoology civilization has very important sense. Each link such as government and the government that concerned branch should produce in Chinese prickly ash, sale, treatment guide actively and give aid to energetically, make this one industry becomes a farmer to add the window that close truly.
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