Guizhou " board expensive Chinese prickly ash " especially sweet
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"Board expensive Chinese prickly ash " especially sweet   closes autonomous county of Miao Zu of mountain the Bouyei nationality in Guizhou Province board expensive countryside village of 3 stockaded village, hong Ying of Han of farmer of the Bouyei nationality is bringing small grandson of 8 years old, the edge repairs tree of Chinese prickly ash, edge and reporter Lao the daily life of a family. The cadre of the village introduces us is " seventeen big group comes " , the old person is very happy, vertical stroke had thumb: "I know from TV, ' seventeen big ' good, for us the farmer thinks more! For us the farmer thinks more!!

Board expensive countryside ever was Guizhou stone desert turns one of the most serious areas. 10 years ago, here average per capita year income is 651 yuan only, the family can make cereal of hundreds of jins of bud one year only, having bout rice repeatedly is rare thing.

"At that time, we are to be afraid of thoroughly, hunger was afraid of. " Han Hong Ying says, life of a lot of person does not go down too, run toward some other place.

"But I do not go, the ground that still throws away others wanted to come over, have 100 mus probably. " Han Hong Ying says, "Other place moon unlike board expensive country is big, I am not believed, this ground cannot have been transformed. This ground cannot have been transformed..

Since 1997, county involving mountain range begins to carry out " slope changes ladder " (change sloping field into terraced fields) project, bring villager of guide plate expensive countryside to cultivate be able to bear or endure the Chinese prickly ash of drought. Home village or town sends a person to help Han Hong Ying, begin " dig stone to make the land " . They together piece stone is levered, break into pieces, base is surrounded into the wall, seam from stone next in earth of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, collect earth to other place, write the ground that collects to the wall to surround bit by bit in.

After terraced fields fosters cordial relations between states, the villager does not wish to plant however Chinese prickly ash, feel or plant bud cereal is reliable. "The officer lets me take build to everybody. " Han Hong Ying says, "I believe the government is to be our farmer consider. And such ground can make cereal of 89 jins of bud only, not be to one's profit, why to try to plant Chinese prickly ash? Why to try to plant Chinese prickly ash??

Use the sapling of Chinese prickly ash that the county offers freely, han Hong Ying plants 100 mus of ground completely went up Chinese prickly ash, the 2nd year income has 10 thousand multivariate. Other villager sees Han Hong Ying earned money, also in succession follow the lead of, a few years short time, board expensive countryside Chinese prickly ash cultivates an area to enlarge many mus 10 thousand.

However, chinese prickly ash is planted much appear again sell the issue that does not drop. County try every means lets board expensive countryside ran a processing factory, buy Chinese prickly ash technically, treatment becomes oil of pink of Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash to wait, cry " board expensive Chinese prickly ash " . "Plant on this kind of Shi Po the Chinese prickly ash that come out is particularly sweet, sold the throughout the country now, name is very big Lie! Name is very big Lie!!
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