Settle of base of research of industry of Chinese prickly ash but cross
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Chongqing of   of   of       is macrobian on Feburary 20, 2008 network reporter Yue Liangbo

A few days ago, company of agriculture of Chongqing gold ground and Chongqing day change place to sign an agreement, be in jointly but cross village of town double river to establish institute of industry of Chinese prickly ash.

Wang Zhijiang of controller of company of the land that occupy gold introduces, the project invests 100 million multivariate, first phase project is completed before 2009, first phase project includes to cover an area of many mus 30 enterprise delivery room, treatment and manufacturing workshop, can satisfy the refrigerant, cold storage of Chinese prickly ash of more than 100 thousand mus of areas and dry treatment at the appointed time.

2 period the careful treatment industry that project content basically is Chinese prickly ash, include development of market of drug treatment, cosmetic to wait.