Macrobian Chinese prickly ash hopeful formed a delegation in July make
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Yue Liangbo of reporter of network of Chongqing long life

What disease does macrobian Chinese prickly ash contract easily? How to prevent and cure these plant diseases and insect pests? On June 8, in auditoria of company of division supply and marketing, but cross press down Wang Zijiang of director of company of 100 million luxuriant Chinese prickly ash one time to explain, went up to large family of many 30 Chinese prickly ash that comes from whole area a vivid Chinese prickly ash cultivates special training course.

Others is afraid of the discharge outside his technology, why doesn't Wang Zijiang worry? He tells a reporter, this action is to establish major of macrobian Chinese prickly ash next cooperation takes out his sincerity.

As we have learned, long life shows many mus 80 thousand to already cultivated Chinese prickly ash, greatly small cultivate a close a hunderd schools, but it is single home alone door, brought about macrobian Chinese prickly ash not to go up dimensions, cannot form brand effect. And once this are professional,cooperation establishs a success, will form macrobian dimensions the biggest, cover the vastest professional company industry, will execute a technology to share at the appointed time, cent door is managed, the industrial dominant position that makes into the group