Canal of winter of Chinese prickly ash grooms common people assist
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Author: Origin of Wen Xiaofeng of double dragon of Zhang Jiangying auspicious: The daily austral short for Weihe River " dragon door special issue " report from our correspondent on December 14, assemble of the poll in the forest land of Chinese prickly ash east moves village of village of leap forward of countryside of board bridge of Han Cheng city, this village will undertake before more than 100 masses collect whole village in a careful listen respectfully " knowledge of general management of winter of Chinese prickly ash " city dark prevents the Han Cheng of the lecture the popular science special subject of station engineers grooms...
"Scale insect of Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash is narrow the ill bug such as Ji Ding should seize opportunity of prevention and cure, prevent early, prevent small, prevented, winter is a segment of important crucial prevention and cure... " in cropland, finger of auspicious double dragon wears forestry engineer the problem of existence of of all kinds management that the Chinese prickly ash with one bigger individual plant cultivates the spot to answering farming of any of several hot spice plants to put forward aloud, 3 many insensibly hours went. That day dark the problem such as error of existence of crop of the knowledge of plant diseases and insect pests of more than 100 Chinese prickly ash that with respect to this village farming of any of several hot spice plants puts forward, winter, fertilization and prevent frostbite undertook 5 engineers that prevent a station, technician carefully be solved in detail one by one.
As we have learned, branch of Han city aricultural uses development of wintry leisure time to reach this city this year 80 many villages already held 16 villages and towns lecture of knowledge of government of winter of Chinese prickly ash 180 beyond period, groom masses 5000 more than person.