Chinese prickly ash becomes the villager to become rich " Jin Doudou "
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Author: Gu Cuie origin: The daily austral short for Weihe River " dragon door special issue " release time: 2007-12-27 18:00:30 release a person: Admin3 Chinese prickly ash is Han city farmer " money is strung together child " . Grow an area in the Chinese prickly ash of village of 90 time Dong Ying however lesser, level of management is inferior, common people is being defended " a ready source of money " cannot send however " money of Chinese prickly ash " .
After Guo Xiaoyi goes to take up office, constituent villager is being retreated return Lin Zhong abundantly n cultivated land tree of cultivated Chinese prickly ash. The breed of sapling of the Chinese prickly ash on the market is mixedder at that time, guo Xiaoyi thinks: If sapling of this any of several hot spice plants is chosen bad, that everybody is deficient big. After the choice is only improved " bright red gown " seedling of Chinese prickly ash, of this red " Jin Doudou " the pocket sound that just can let groups big truly rises. For this, he runs to service station of agricultural science and technology for many times with two village cadres, buy sapling of a batch of high grade any of several hot spice plants eventually. After two months, the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches of hill hill the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches of Dong Ying village draped a green clothes, tree of any of several hot spice plants also was brought up every day. Become rich to improve the science and technology of the villager consciousness, guo Xiaoyi asks expert of division of province, city farming, come to field edge of a field, teach everybody how lop, how to fertilize, how air is basked in, the course grooms, the tree of Chinese prickly ash of Dong Ying village enters flourishing of cement any of several hot spice plants ahead of schedule period.
However, something unexpected may happen any time. One belt sufferred Dong Ying village 2002 the hundred years big aspic that does not encounter, chinese prickly ash cultivates large area to be frozen to death. Face again test, guo Xiaoyi browsed a large number of data, analyse the metabolic pattern of stage Yuan relief, air temperature, the heat preservation that the villager after thinking the key of the problem depends on a winter cultivates to Chinese prickly ash is on guard consciousness is fragile, the job that still has him also was not accomplished. He understands plant ash to be aspersed in any of several hot spice plants later prevent frostbite effect can have all round tree root, gave authority this one good news with broadcast announcement. The 2nd year Guo Xiaoyi gives the any of several hot spice plants that same breed purchased on the village the young plant again, make everybody not crestfallen, fill sapling on, strengthen management. Through development of a few years, flower village Chinese prickly ash cultivated an area to already improved 139 thousand individual plant by the 85 thousand individual plant 1999 east, income also rose 1.19 million yuan from 680 thousand yuan, tree of Chinese prickly ash became common people of Dong Ying village to become rich truly " Jin Doudou " .
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