New breed of Chinese prickly ash---Spend hill any of several hot spice plants
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The new breed of Chinese prickly ash that academy of science of Heibei province forestry finishs gentleman waits for person selected Yo " beautiful hill any of several hot spice plants " , variety of Heibei province forest was carried before long before authorized committee is authorized.
This breed establishs record of form round head, appearance of young tree tree is erecter, large tree opens business slightly, tree force is powerful, branch is brawny, the needle is cut degree small. Leather aperture is much and close, cuticular slit submits strip form, without leather thorn; Blade is big, inward even if coil apparent. Blade surface is slick, flocculus number is 13-15 more. Budding force and Cheng Zhili are stronger. Fight cold sex stronger. Crop of bud of any of several hot spice plants tall, quality is good, it is the admirable variety that manufactures bud of any of several hot spice plants. Anti-current glue is ill. In fighting cold sex, wait, young tree fights cold sex poorer.