Experiment of new breed of Chinese prickly ash of courtyard of division of Heibe
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Recently, bureau of science and technology of full city county and academy of sciences of Heibei province forestry cooperate, in village of Home Liu station Bai Sha village builds experiment of new breed of Chinese prickly ash to nod jointly, the new breed of Chinese prickly ash that introduces this courtyard seed selection in all 8, nursery stock 200 individual plant, scion 100.
Chinese prickly ash ever was ministry of northwest of full city county the economy with a mountainous area important farmer forest. But in recent years traditional Chinese prickly ash because crop, value is inferior, acute of existent amount year after year is decreased, with each passing day of resource of Chinese prickly ash is dried up. Bureau of full city science and technology is aimed at this kind of circumstance, pass and save group of task of Chinese prickly ash of Lin Ke courtyard to get in touch, strive for this courtyard successfully 8 years to come the adaptability experiment of the new breed of Chinese prickly ash of seed selection is pilot, white Sha Cun of settle of make choice of. These Chinese prickly ash are planted newly share 8 breed, include 4 of Japan 100 individual plant, 4 100 individual plant of domestic, among them 6 prick breed to not have, still have receive the scion that exchange a head high 100. No matter these breed go up from crop, quality, price this county has far outclass breed, among them the bud of any of several hot spice plants of any of several hot spice plants of a few edible (tender leaf) in Japan every kilograms of price is 600 yuan of RMBs to control, be in our country to also will have better development prospect.
What introduced a few days ago is new kind already finished field planting and receive high exchange a head, if these Chinese prickly ash grow normal, its crop and benefit will greatly prep above has old variety, can rescue resource of Chinese prickly ash increasingly the situation of pare, initiate to add afresh for the farmer control a route.