Chinese prickly ash- - the cornerstone with rich trend of person carrying altar
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County of abundant of <P> Guizhou Province chastity carries altar on the head piece base of area Chinese prickly ash is located in boreal Pan Jiang to press down in, the beautiful river reach that is located in catchment of boreal Pan Jiang, gross area 28.24 square kilometer, year all air temperature 17.5 degrees, illumination is much, rainfall is little, water natural resources is short of strange, landforms cut is stronger, rock wide cloth, farmland is broken and fragmentary, it is area of typical karst karst landforms. Complete an area in all dam of adj/LIT wide of bay of hole of cliff of administer Cha Er, cloud, water, board surround 4 administrative village 18 villagers group, share more than 600, nearly 3000 people, complete piece the area shares farmland 2232 mus, average per capita 0.83 mus, 90% above are cliff hill. This area was given priority to for a long time with growing corn in the past, its cultivate a structure onefold, farming kind is backward, grain crop is low and flabby, year average per capita eats grain to be not worth 150 jins, income is not worth 150 yuan, it is one of areas with entire the most impoverished county. The country wanted every year before 1980 to deserve piece area dole grain 200 thousand jins, year average per capita 105 jins, almost 100% families should have sell back. Encounter continuously arid a particular year of 10 days of above, crops is general 10 kinds 9 without close, 6, seventies, this area ever had 17 families because of cannot living change takes a place far away form home. Because lag behind miserably, local farmer often is " daughter-in-law is denounced do not wear, the girl is married outside " and n wailful. </P>
<P> 1992 year, this town Party committee, government concerns a section in province, city, county especially of the intellective branch that raise a limit support energetically below, carry in-depth survey, prove repeatedly, the decision is carrying altar on the head piece the area cultivates Chinese prickly ash, put forward " because of when adjust measures to local conditions, improve zoology environment, cultivate Chinese prickly ash to become rich " train of thought. Press down fluctuation joint efforts completely, arouse actively, firm is caught fulfil, to the end of 1996, this area already cultivated Chinese prickly ash 10600 mus, the base of 10 thousand mus of Chinese prickly ash with whole only state already took shape, go up in economy and zoology effect sees first. Soil erosion and stone desert are changed got be administeringed effectively, this area per capita already rose 2600 multivariate, only 2003, total production value of this area Chinese prickly ash achieves many yuan 600 namely. The top altar nowadays piece area, peculiar in the past wool careless house already not answer exist, the family of 90% above lives entered one-storey house, the freezer that did not have the courage to think in the past, color television, autocycle, disc player already entered home of common common people. The other people of 90% already owned home appliance, have motorcycle nearly 100, two farmers still have family expenses sedan. It is difficult to because live,go and 17 other peoples that take away already change come back, and become rich through cultivating Chinese prickly ash to walk up road. </P>
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