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Occupation standard of Chinese prickly ash (3)
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5, the mark that pack packs goods: ⒙ of Di   coffins  ⒅ relatively? of  of ご of ∧ of formic ┍ of turn up soil of ⒕ of  of clear ê school, quality of a material is solid and firm, flavour of close together, clean, dry, crack-free, as good as, avirulent sex. 2, heal: Solid and durable. The method that pack: Hold ⒙ of  of  of Di of  of Xi of the extensive that do not have ń high to coffin  cheats  of grave of  of  Yi barge relatively every Song of Piao of any of several hot spice plants of brown of couch of bud of ┯ of clear ê school; ⒙ of  of  of Di of radon of Zhuang of  of grave of Ren of  of ご of ∧ of radon of Zhuang of  of grave of Ren of  of ご of ┠ of argon of kind of useless fine and soft of tadpole  ń coffins  ⒅ relatively? of  of clear ê school packs a mark: Muching warm up of ┩ of clear of ㄏ of ń vanadium  is fond of Shen of urgent Cou ㄏ to disrelish? of ⒚ sole  to export Chinese prickly ash: Fang Sha of Zhui joke ń enters Zhui to criticize sb's faults frankly virtuous   small-moutheds jar neodymium brown bear needs ぁ   ah? 6, carriage keep in storage (1) carries: The attention in carriage process prevents insolate, drench, moisture. With car of open bitter fleabane, boat locomotive Chinese prickly ash should add mat article, forbidden mix with poisonous article outfit, forbidden with contain the poison, carriage car that has pollution, boat to lade Chinese prickly ash. (2) keep in storage: Storeroom wants only the library is ventilated and special, moistureproof, assemble and unassemble and pile Chinese prickly ash of stamp one's foot to prohibit toing step on walk. Forbidden mix lay aside with the poisonous, article that has peculiar smell. The attention prevents rat to kill.